Top Picks: New kit releases

This season’s must-haves. Here’s a special selection of some of the new kit that’s caught our eye over the summer, sure to be on our Christmas wish-lists!

T.R.U.Ball eXecute


T.R.U.Ball eXecute

Price: Expected from around $179.99

The latest release from T.R.U.Ball is the eXecute, the company’s first nickel-plated, brass-bodied wrist release. It features independent travel and tension adjustment settings that allow you to vary the trigger weight from ultra-light to heavy, and a handy feature is that each adjustment screw has a lock that means it won’t move unintentionally after you’ve set it. Two triggers are included in each release, ‘forward’ and ‘relaxed’, so you can choose your preferred fit (both are knurled for a good grip) and are easily interchanged with one screw. The popularity of heavy release aids has led T.R.U.Ball designers to select brass for the release body, with a nickel plating to resist corrosion and wear. It uses a proven jaw design that is easy on your D-loop material, and has a crisp double-sear internal firing mechanism.

Last Chance Grain Scale

Last Chance Grain Scale

Price: $35

Last Chance Archery has announced the discontinuation of its previous grain scale model with the launch of this one – while it looks like the old one used to, it has some additional features. An added oz weight function is now available, plus a new arrow holder that can be attached to any scale that’s made to hold the arrow on the scale while it’s being weighed.

Diamond Medalist 38

Diamond Medalist 38

Price: Expected from around $699

The Diamond Medalist 38 is a new target bow released this summer, designed to offer a performance-driven bow to shooters of all skill levels. Weighing in at 4.5lbs, it has a 38-inch axle-to-axle length, and a forgiving grip geometry. It features a binary cam system that eliminates vertical nock travel and is simple to tune, while rotating modules allow for easy adjustment of the draw length and an infinite draw stop, and no extra cams or mods are needed. Diamond has also launched an online collection of setup guides and shooting tips, making the setup of the Medalist 38 even easier. Draw length options range from 23-32.5 inches, with draw weight options of 40, 50, 60 or 70lbs, and it’s available in four colours; black, red, white and teal.

Bowtech Fanatic 3.0

Bowtech Fanatic 3.0

Price: Expected from around $1,499

Bowtech has been refining the features on its flagship target model to bring a series of improvements to the upgraded package, which has resulted in the Fanatic 3.0. The adaptations include a riser that is 10 per cent stiffer than previously for greater consistency, a new grip, increased string and cable counts to eliminate creep, and a new rear stabiliser mount to offer the archer more custom stabilisation options. Archers can choose between two cam choices, SD or XL, for efficiency at any draw length, and optional let-off modules at 65 and 80 per cent, and optional draw stop configurations, are also available. It’s available in seven colours; black, white, blue, green, red, orange and purple.


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