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You Against the World

Success requires commitment, but you can’t commit to what you don’t believe in

Alistair Whittingham looks into what the pressure to achieve can do to an archer’s psyche Jaded and undirected, a world-class archer once told me that they ‘would rather go on holiday, using up their annual leave from work, than push to

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Ask The Experts

Q: How can I best use my practice time to prepare for competition?   A: The aim of good practice is to manipulate your training to mirror competition as much as possible. This will allow you to practice the skills used in

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Ask The Experts

"I want to shoot a 300 in Vegas" is a typical outcome goal

Q: For many years process goals have been much preferred by psychologists and by some coaches, who see them as a better goal and a more measurable idea than outcome goals. A process goal could well be how one does

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Checks and balances

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Alistair Whittingham looks at balancing positivity and negativity, and how the pressure of competition can sometimes leave an archer in the red

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Ask the experts


Our panel of experts from around the world answer your questions on every aspect of shooting technique, psychology and equipment

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Alistair Whittingham reviews a new online resource for the archery world

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