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Fitness Fix for Archers

With many new year resolutions revolving around getting fitter, Duncan Busby looks at how to improve your overall fitness in ways that will benefit your archery

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Taking your archery abroad

There are plenty of opportunities for an archer with wanderlust to shoot abroad – Danielle Brown explains how to go about making the most of the opportunities out there

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What exactly does ‘spine’ mean?

Andrew Tippins explains exactly what is meant by the spine, as comprehensively as he can in one easy to follow article!

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Shaft selection: Picking the right arrow

James Park considers the factors that go into selecting the best arrow for the job I am frequently asked about optimum arrow selection. The fact is, it varies depending upon what type of archery you are considering, so let us consider,

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How to reach the next level in your archery

You’ve finished your beginners’ course – but what’s next? Andrew Smith explains the progression options there are, and where to find them

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Top tips for recurve release

Patrick Huston explains why many archers end up thinking about the release the wrong way – and how to work towards a clean and consistent loose

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Advice from an archery coach

What a coach sees… Alistair Whittingham reveals the most common technique issues he encounters in his capacity as a coach

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Basic reminders to help your shot

Andrew Smith looks at the five of the most common shooting errors, which, if addressed, will make it easier for you to repeat the same shot routine each time.

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Mastering the trigger

Lucy O’Sullivan reveals that getting a well-executed shot with a release aid is less a matter of fine hand control, and more a question of activating the right muscles in your back

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Do you really need a new bow?

Contemplating purchasing a new bow? How important is it really to keep up with the very latest technology, and does it warrant the now substantial cost of upgrading regularly? Roy Rose reveals if it’s worth it…

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