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Measure Up

A closed fist to the wall with a T-alignment is an excellent draw length reference

When it comes to getting comfortable with your bow, John Dudley advises starting with your measurements   One of the most important parts of archery is having a perfect draw length. It should be something you know, something you set on

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Bow Hold

Check your proportions at full draw compared to some of the pros: if you’re struggling it might be because you’re under- or over-drawn

Chris Bell explains the steps to take to getting your bow to hold well – involving less tuning than you might think There is no getting away from it: shooting high scores with a compound bow requires you to hold

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Drawn Out

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Confused about your draw length? Duncan Busby looks at the different methods you can use to find your optimum size It seems the one question I am asked more than any other is, ‘How do I find my correct draw

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Unlock your shooting

Master your measurement – perfect draw length is essential for a T-formation

John Dudley reveals there are five keys to a consistently good shot

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Recurve: Setup and Tune

Whether you’re breaking in new equipment or overhauling your old setup, Roy Rose explains how to get the best out of your recurve

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Mastering the release aid

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Getting a clean, trouble-free execution takes some work, but John Dudley says it’s all worthwhile

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