Sieze the moment

John Dudley explains how to prepare for when it all comes down to one shot. I was 18 years old and standing alongside two other guys looking at the final target for an ASA World Championship. All three of us

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The First York

Jan Sachers – archer and historian – reveals the unique history of the York round and the development of national competition The second half of the 18th century saw the resurrection of archery as a pastime and sport for English

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Ask The Experts

Q: Considering the amount professional archers shoot, what do you do to prevent injury?   A For me the key to preventing injuries has always been rest days. I have shot full-time for five years and never experienced an injury, and I

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The Time and Space Conundrum

Archery has come a long way over the last few years, with professional archery booming and more archers dedicating 100 per cent of their careers to shooting. This is great for the sport and I am glad to see it

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Keeping a low profile

James Park looks at how stabilisers with blade-type profiles came about, and how they differ to circular rods

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Ask the experts

Our panel of experts from around the world answer your questions on every aspect of shooting technique, psychology and equipment

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Learning to love indoors

John Dudley has some top training rules for getting the best out of your indoor archery

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The Danage PowerStop

Liam Grimwood has been testing out the new Danage PowerStop

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The lay of the land

Alex Tyler explains the course-laying processes for NFAS competitions

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