Interview: Braden Gellenthien’s 2017

We spoke to Team USA regular Braden Gellenthien at the beginning of year, and got his predictions on how he thought things were going to turn out. We caught up with him at the end of it to find out if his feelings had been right

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Fitness Fix for Archers

With many new year resolutions revolving around getting fitter, Duncan Busby looks at how to improve your overall fitness in ways that will benefit your archery

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Q&A: Beginners compound equipment

Duncan Busby responds to a query on what equipment to start off with when you are still finding your draw length…

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What exactly does ‘spine’ mean?

Andrew Tippins explains exactly what is meant by the spine, as comprehensively as he can in one easy to follow article!

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8 Top Tips for new competitive archers

dropping the bow arm

For many new archers, their first outdoor season presents a number of challenges. Andrew Smith breaks down the most common, and what to do about them. For first timers, the transition from the indoor season to outdoors can be quite

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How to prepare your shaft

Adrian Tippins of Custom Made Arrows starts a series of features on how to build a perfect set of matched arrows. Step one is shaft preparation In the first part of this “how to” series, we will be looking at

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Arrow Advice

Struggling with getting wide-diameter arrows to shoot well? Liam Grimwood looks at what you can try In the last few years there have been some big developments in indoor compound shafts. It is widely accepted that to give yourself the

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