Centre Crowdfunding


World Archery has launched a crowdfunding campaign for its Excellence Centre, allowing members of the public to contribute to the project in the final stages of its development. Benefits for the people donating include the opportunity to have their names

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Norfolk Training Centre Open

Archery GB has opened a new training centre in Norfolk. Leading the centre will be coach Chris Latimer, and Archery GB has stated the centre’s aims are to act as a ‘focal point’ in developing best practice and talent development, and supporting archery

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Motor Learning


Craig Johnson explains how the brain learns in co-ordination with muscle systems, and how archers can use that to their advantage in training I have previously given an overview of the nervous system and looked at feedback in the motor system,

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Ask The Experts – Starting Instinctive


Q: I’m new to instinctive archery, having migrated over from Olympic style recurve and I must say that I’m loving it! The only trouble is that now, I’m not very accurate shooting this way. Is this something that will naturally improve

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New indoor training facility open

photo 4

A new indoor archery training facility has opened in Bedfordshire. Aim4Sport has opened up an indoor coaching range after hearing about the problems that can hold up indoor sessions. Dave Leader and Gaynor Hutchison, owners of Aim4Sport, explained, “Looking at

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Ask The Experts

Liam cites rest days as the best way to help your body recover from an intensive shooting schedule

Q: Considering the amount professional archers shoot, what do you do to prevent injury?   A For me the key to preventing injuries has always been rest days. I have shot full-time for five years and never experienced an injury, and I

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Charlotte Burgess makes it onto ‘Athlete to Coach’ program

Charlotte Burgess shoots at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Archer Charlotte Burgess, part of the team that competed at the Beijing 2008 Olympics, has been accepted on the ‘Athlete to Coach’ program. Run by UK Sport, the program is the first of its kind and aims to help top-level

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Ask The Experts

Q: How can I best use my practice time to prepare for competition?   A: The aim of good practice is to manipulate your training to mirror competition as much as possible. This will allow you to practice the skills used in

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Archery Mental Mastery

Adam Cowming is a Sports Performance Coach specialising in archery. After getting into archery alongside running a hypnotherapy business, he started developing tools to help archers get into the right kind of mindset. The result is the ‘Archery Mental Mastery’

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Head vs heart

03_DA1_8758 copy

The internal struggle towards perfection can be difficult to master – Tyler Benner advises embracing it rather than fighting it

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