5 Top new archery toys!

Some of the newer gear available at your local archery retailer

1. K&K Jet 6 Spin Vanes

SRRP £30.00
Available from most archery dealers

After much anticipation, K&K Jet 6 Spin Vanes are now available. Using aerodynamic research K&K have produced a spin type vane that they claim reduces drag forces and archer’s paradox, resulting in the arrow flight being stabilised quickly. Uniquely the traditional top and tailing is achieved using shrink wrap collars, making for a secure fit, although the size of these collars means that the “aero wraps” are only suitable for small diameter shafts.

The shape of the feet of the vanes make them easy to fit on the shaft accurately and they are designed to be fitted on the shaft straight.

Available in four colours: Blue, Green, Purple and Pink, right or left handed and two sizes  – 1 ¾” for outdoor target and 2” for field and indoor archery. In the box are 50 vanes, 36 Aero Wraps and 52 fletching adhesive strips.

2. Total Peep compound peep sight

SRRP £19.00
Available from most archery dealers.

Total Peep has launched a peep sight that will be of interest to many compound archers. Perhaps the biggest benefit of this peep is that it has a patent design allowing for up to 40% of peep rotation before you lose a perfect round inner hole to line up with your scope. The product has a micro grit matt black finish, and its complex inner design blocks any light reflection from the front and rear of the integral housing, all of which reduces glare and aiming errors in all lighting conditions.

3. Sanlida Athletic 7 / Kinetic Stylized recurve riser

Anodised Shiny Finish Athletics 7 SRRP £215.00
Anodised Matt Finish SRRP £190.00
Available from all good archery dealers.

One riser, two finishes and sold under two brand names. One of the latest intermediate recurve risers to come out of China, it is manufactured by Sanlida, who are not a new name in archery manufacturing, although currently not that well known in Europe. The riser is a forged 6061-T6 aluminium riser with CNC finishing and a hard-wearing anodised finish in shiny or matt.

The 25” riser has a mass weight of 1250g, international limb fitting with full limb pocket adjustability for tiller, weight and limb alignment. The riser is well balanced and is supplied with a medium wooden grip.

In Europe this riser is available in two anodised finishes, the glossy finish version of  which is being sold under the manufacturers name, Sanlida, with the model name of Athletics 7 and available in 5 colour options. The matt anodised finish is being marketed under the Kinetic brand and is called the Stylized, offering six colours, five anodised – the sixth colour being a white painted finish.

4. Sure-Loc Carbonic Compound Sight

SRRP £285.00

A new compound sight from Sure-Loc and one of the first sights to use the benefits of carbon for both the 6” extension bar and the 4” vertical elevation frame. Additional machined aluminium inserts strengthen the load bearing surfaces. The dovetail on the back of the elevation frame makes it easy to move the extension bar up and down the elevation frame without it having to be disconnected. Other features include a built-in frame level, .002” windage and elevation adjustments, micro adjust pointers, positive click adjustment, and precision laser etched scales. Available in 5 anodised colours. Scope and lens sold separately.

5. Egertec Novelty Target Faces

MRRP £2.50 each or £24.95 for all 10 plus 50 Egertec target pins.

New from Egertec: ten novelty target faces, ideal to brighten up any indoor or outdoor club days or have a go shoots. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, there are 10, 50cm x 70cm colourful designs that include Pool, Cards and Snakes and Ladders.

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