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NFAS: 3D Championships 2022

A sold-out return to the woods. By Alex Tyler Two weeks. That was all the time it took for all four hundred places for the 2022 National Field Archery Society (NFAS) 3D Championships to fill up. There had been a

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How to find a good field location – our latest Ask the Experts

Our expert panel answers your questions. Question: How do you go about finding a field archery location? Having a suitable location is a make or break factor for any club, whether its focus is target or field archery, but I

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Getting started with field archery

Try it this winter, with Andrew Smith  For many target archers, shooting indoors this winter will still be restricted. With that prospect in mind, it’s worth giving field archery a go if you have never tried it. Field archery is

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Field shooting: longbows

Field is one of the finest arenas for longbow shooting. By Alex Tyler From the first day of my beginner’s archery course, I wanted to shoot longbow. This wasn’t based upon anything rational – I had never even held a

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Tips on optimising your field archery gear

Dr James Park takes us out there Target archery is usually conducted outdoors on large fields, exposed to the weather. Consequently, minimising the distance an arrow drifts in wind is important. To do that, it is best to use small-diameter,

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Stringwalking for beginners

Want to switch from recurve to barebow? Kristina Dolgilevica walks you through it. Barebow archers use the tip of the arrow as the aiming device and employ the following three methods of aiming: gap shooting; stringwalking; and facewalking. Face and

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Competing with primitive bows

What’s it like to compete with something you’ve made yourself? By Alex Tyler. Watching a repeat on television, you can often tell how much time has passed since the programme was made by looking at the technology used. Seeing the

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The essential guide to vanes

Adrian Tippins provides an essential guide to vanes Introduction Whether we’re shopping online or in store we are affronted by hundreds of vanes of all sizes and shapes. This can often lead to option paralysis. The confusion leads a lot

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Field fitness: making the difference

Lucy O’Sullivan won a Pro Series field event at the first try. How did she do it? As many of you may know, I am a target archer through and through. I was however lucky to get a chance to

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Essential outdoor kit for archery

Field generally needs more kit than target. Here’s the lowdown. All archers will be familiar with the need to carry a set of equipment around. Field archery, due to the more complex and unforgiving environment requires another level of self-sufficiency

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