The Ring Of Fire: crafting a mahogany bow

When Boo McAfee, founder of Kick Ash Bows, came across some unique wood, something very special had to happen. As the legend has it, in 1979 Johnny Cash became so concerned about the US placing restrictions on certain exotic woods

The Battle of Agincourt: revisited

On the 606th anniversary of archery’s greatest military victory, Kristina Dolgilevica reconsiders the Hundred Years’ War and asks, was Agincourt a success? The significance of a battle can be judged upon two criteria: first, its internal strategy and tactics, and

Tokyo 2020: Analysing the data

Challenging conditions in Tokyo? James Park runs the numbers As the Australian compound coach, I watched the Olympic Games archery from COVID lockdown in Melbourne rather than from Yumenoshima Park. The coverage of the event in Australia was excellent –

Advertorial: Bohning Archery

Looking for the best fletching for your olympic recurve arrows? Look no further than Bohning’s new Griffin Vane. You’ve probably heard about Bohning’s new Griffin Vane for Olympic recurve archery. Perhaps you wonder what benefits this strange-looking vane could provide.

Ask the experts – August 2021

Question: I’m currently shooting 27in 850 ACE’s with 60 grain points out of a 68in 35lb bow (I’ve just increased my poundage to assist aiming to get to 100 yards). I’m having an issue and I’m not sure where to


Tokyo 2020: it begins

Bow reports from Koto City. Tomorrow morning the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will begin; the most beleaguered Olympics in living memory. Beseiged on all sides by coronavirus and a raft of associated issues, it has survived and emerged a year

Tokyo 2020: no live archery on the BBC?

UK archery fans hoping to watch the live action from Yumenoshima Park free-to-air may be disappointed. In recent years, Olympics fans have got used to having the choice of all available sports live on the ‘red button’ via digital services.

I Made This – RCore

Part 1 of a new series on independent archery businesses. This week, we meet up with Aris Korbetis of RCore.  RCore designs and produces custom aftermarket grips for recurve risers, tailored to each customer’s needs. There are four main designs

COVID-19: What now for archery?

Bow looks at the effects of the pandemic on the sport. One of the more durable cliches in the media over the past three months has been stating that we are living in ‘unprecedented times’. It may be a cliche,

Sponsorship and draw weights: Ask the experts

Our expert panel answers your questions. Send yours to john.stanley@futurenet.com Question I have read a number of other pieces on reversals but none mention bow poundage/ draw weight. If draw weight is mentioned, they just say increase draw weight but


Tec-HRO Recurvetrainer review

Arne Metzlaff takes a look at a new implementation of the indoor trainer In the second lockdown, German company TEC-HRO launched the beta version of their training device, designed to allow normal shooting without having to shoot an arrow into

Best gear for barebow archery

Everything you need for ‘the true path‘. We compiled a ‘best of the best’ a few issues ago for recurve and compound. Needless to say, for our barebow issue (number 151), you can probably guess what we’re going to tackle.

Zerofit Base Layers review

Bow looks at some Japanese technology to keep you shooting when the temperature drops. A base layer is designed to be the piece of clothing closest to your skin and should keep warmth in and wick away sweat. Bow recommended

X Sight Performance Eyewear review

Duncan Busby gets an eyeful of the shooting glasses specialist’s latest innovation. Few archers have perfect vision and luckily it’s not needed to shoot well; as long as your aim is consistent and unobstructed you can knock out the 10s

Online Archery Academy review

Mark Brown takes a look at an online course for recurve beginners. So you’re stuck at home dreaming about taking up archery, waiting for the clubs near you to reopen so you can start learning how to shoot, and take

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