The Finsbury Marks

Once, a huge swathe of London was an archery range. By Hugh Soar Archery practice in the 1500s was governed by statute and, with certain exceptions, all males were required to take part, with – it has to be said

The Greatest Archery Movies: Ever

The definitive list of the best archery films ever made. By Bow‘s resident film correspondent Rick Flick. It’s harder to classify an ‘archery movie’, than it is to classify, say, a ‘submarine movie’. It’s something woven very differently into different

I Made This: Baker Archery Products

Part 6 of a series on independent archery businesses. This month: Butch Baker of BAP We make bowstring jigs and various string building aids of my own design. We make an airless manual string stretcher built for the busy shop

How to be an Olympic archer

Could it be easier than you think? For many recurve archers, the pinnacle of a career is representing your country at a summer Olympic Games. This is an extremely difficult goal to achieve, and getting selected and then qualifying is

IHAA World Grand Prix

With the horseback world champs cancelled, it was time for something different. By the competition organiser Claire Sawyer Early 2020 brought a gradual realisation that everything would be different this year. As the International Horseback Archery Alliance (IHAA) cancelled our


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Bow News: September 2020

Remote-coached archer takes top spot at US Nationals Alex Zuleta-Visser of Florida, USA, took first place at the US Open elimination competition in senior recurve women, beating Erin Mickelberry, 6-2. It is her first national title, at the 136th USA

I Made This – RCore

Part 1 of a new series on independent archery businesses. This week, we meet up with Aris Korbetis of RCore.  RCore designs and produces custom aftermarket grips for recurve risers, tailored to each customer’s needs. There are four main designs

COVID-19: What now for archery?

Bow looks at the effects of the pandemic on the sport. One of the more durable cliches in the media over the past three months has been stating that we are living in ‘unprecedented times’. It may be a cliche,

Sponsorship and draw weights: Ask the experts

Our expert panel answers your questions. Send yours to john.stanley@futurenet.com Question I have read a number of other pieces on reversals but none mention bow poundage/ draw weight. If draw weight is mentioned, they just say increase draw weight but


Review: Epic Fusion EX stabilisers

Rebekah Tipping looks at some high-quality, low-cost rods from the former Cartel stable In recent years, the well-known Korean manufacturer Cartel has rebranded itself as Epic Archery. They produce a variety of products, and their catalogue boasts some very impressive

Nock fit: getting it right

Nock fit is not always top of the checklist – but it should be. By Rebekah Tipping. An often forgotten aspect of tuning a bow is correctly fitting the nock to the string. Most brands of nocks will only come

Gillo GT review

Andreas Phillip looks at the radical new riser from Gillo for barebow shooting. When the Gillo GT recurve riser was announced at the end of 2019, my eyes immediately wandered in the direction of my archery piggy bank. The risers

Mantis X8 Shooting Analysis System review

A hi-tech new product with revolutionary potential? The Mantis Shooting System is a small device that mounts on your bow, records your movements while taking a shot, and plots them on a graph.  That simple, huh? It’s a little more

Ragim Whitetail longbow review

Alex Tyler puts an Italian thoroughbred through its paces Italian manufacturer Ragim make a wide range of wooden archery bows, including recurve takedowns and beginners gear, but their speciality is high-quality wooden trad bows. The Whitetail is a product from

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