Taking a break at the end of the season

Everything you need to know about having time off at the end of the season Around the world, the outdoor season is becoming longer and longer, starting earlier in the year and ending later in the year. Having a break

How to get a sponsorship in archery

Is sponsorship really all it’s cracked up to be? Bow investigates Being a sponsored archer, eh? If you follow the sport, it sometimes seems as if the hashtags will never end. Reading about your favourite archer’s achievements on social media

Interview: Sarah Bettles

GBR’s Sarah Bettles opens up about her struggles with mental health and her return to top-level sport It’s well-known that the ‘mental game’ plays a huge role in performance, and mental management has become a teachable skill. Mental health is

How to balance archery and gym sessions

Lucy O’Sullivan looks at an important training question for serious archers The question I get asked most often by archers across the world is “When should I shoot, and when should I physically train?” Annoyingly, the most accurate answer is

Does the ranking round matter?

By Dr James Park I have often heard it said that “the ranking round is not important; it is the matches that matter”. Usually, these comments come from archers who did not rank very high but think they might be


NFAS: 3D Championships 2022

A sold-out return to the woods. By Alex Tyler Two weeks. That was all the time it took for all four hundred places for the 2022 National Field Archery Society (NFAS) 3D Championships to fill up. There had been a

LA 2028: still no compound

Indications suggest programme will be same as Tokyo Archery was confirmed as a core sport for the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games at the IOC’s 139th Session held in the Chinese capital Beijing, on the eve of the Winter Olympics.

The best archery podcasts

Mimi Landström puts her headphones on for some of the best podcasts about archery There are many archery podcasts on the scene right now, some new, some old. Podcasts are on the rise in popularity. They are great to listen

Easton Archery at 100

The oldest archery company in the US reaches its centenary in 2022 One of the best-known names in the sport, Easton’s archery products are used around the world. It remains a family firm, founded in 1922 by Doug Easton, who

ATA 2022 – new products

The 2022 trade went full steam ahead in Louisville, Kentucky in January 2022. Mimi Landström checked out the latest and greatest archery gear.  Abyss X-Tension Flex by TRUBall The newest in the Jesse Broadwater Signature Series of release aids, the


Shrewd RevX stabilisers review

Arne Metzlaff gets to grips with another big name, small-diameter offering Some time ago, US manufacturer Shrewd – best known, perhaps, for its compound scopes – released a new stabiliser system. With the very thin, small-diameter Revel series, Shrewd made

Zniper Zextant review

Andreas Phillip is impressed by a brand new button with some unique features Even though the button is an enormously important part of most recurve bows, the range of options available is not huge. The upper price range is dominated

Outdoor archery essentials

Some of the best current gear for field (and target too!) Zerofit base layer As recommended in Bow 151, these matt-finish base layers seem well suited to British weather. Available in six different unisex sizes – it’s possible the very

Review: Facing The Sea

A light on an intriguing corner of the archery world. Here at Bow Towers, we were excited to receive a book that featured one of the least explored areas of study: maritime archery. The book is called Facing The Sea,

Review: Korean Traditional Archery

Kristina Dolgilevica looks at a revised edition of the standard English reference work. Professor of Korean studies Thomas Duvernay, a long-standing archer and one of the authoritative figures on the subject, has revised and released his Korean Traditional Archery book

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