The history of metal bows

Jan H Sachers gets a fistful of steel as he discusses metal bows Since the dawn of archery many millennia ago, wood has been the most common material to produce bows. In some parts of the world, particularly the Eurasian

Can arrows spin too fast?

Dr James Park tackles a modern issue A question came to the Bow office recently: can an arrow be forced to spin too fast and create a vacuum/parachuting effect, literally stalling it at the longer distances? It’s an interesting question and

Recurve follow-through

Kristina Dolgilevica looks at an underrated element of form To ‘follow-through’ means to bring an action to its conclusion or finishing position. If we consider the process of a pitcher throwing a baseball, we see that the follow-through consists of

Archery in Estonia

For archery in Estonia, dedication to training pays off Archery is a relatively small but growing sport in Estonia, the Baltic state that borders Latvia, Russia and the Gulf of Finland. The Estonian Archery Association (EAA) is the governing body

How to build and grow your archery club

Pete Hill shows you how to build and grow membership of your club using modern tools Archery clubs, like any club, need one thing more than anything else, and that’s members. A club doesn’t work without them. We know new


Hugh Soar (1926-2022)

NFAS: 3D Championships 2022

A sold-out return to the woods. By Alex Tyler Two weeks. That was all the time it took for all four hundred places for the 2022 National Field Archery Society (NFAS) 3D Championships to fill up. There had been a

LA 2028: still no compound

Indications suggest programme will be same as Tokyo Archery was confirmed as a core sport for the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games at the IOC’s 139th Session held in the Chinese capital Beijing, on the eve of the Winter Olympics.

The best archery podcasts

Mimi Landström puts her headphones on for some of the best podcasts about archery There are many archery podcasts on the scene right now, some new, some old. Podcasts are on the rise in popularity. They are great to listen

Easton Archery at 100

The oldest archery company in the US reaches its centenary in 2022 One of the best-known names in the sport, Easton’s archery products are used around the world. It remains a family firm, founded in 1922 by Doug Easton, who


Best new archery accessories for 2023

Fresh on the market, we have a bunch of accessories to go with your shiny new bow Ultraview Contour Knob and Helix Knob Stop sniggering at the back. These are Cerakote-coated (a kind of ceramic) knobs to fit most compound

Ultimate Gear: Everything

Our top picks for a wide range of archery gear on the market, from clothes to scopes and everything in between It’s the beginning of a new year, and you’re super fired up about it. This is the year: you’re

Ultimate Gear: Compound

Our picks for the best compound gear on the market It’s the beginning of a new year, and you’re super fired up about it. This is the year: you’re going to shoot like never before. Nothing is going to stand

Ultimate Gear: Recurve

The very best of all things recurve, available right now If money were no object – or if you only accept the very best – then Bow has lovingly compiled a list of the finest gear available, for recurve, compound and

Book review: The Archer’s Reflex

Tackling target panic one page at a time Up here at Bow Towers, we were excited to receive another book that tackled that trickiest of subjects: target panic. Author Jes Lysgaard is a trad archer from Denmark. While forms of

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