Olympic Archery: The Early Years

Jan H Sachers takes an in-depth look at the history of archery at the modern Olympic Games. The Olympic Games of antiquity were held every four years from at least 776 BC to AD 393, when these ‘vulgar’ pagan displays

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Interview: Park Sung-Hyun

The 2004 Olympic champion talks to Bow The greatest? Park Sung-Hyun once described her archery medals as “gifts I’ve received along with my coach… If anything, I think I’ve had more luck than other people.” But Sung-Hyun dominated archery in

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GBR Olympic archery team – what’s on your bow?

James Woodgate Riser: Wiawis ATF-X. “It’s a good, solid, all-round riser I feel I can trust. I love the limb alignment adjustability – much better than shims.” Limbs: Wiawis MXT-10s in long; 42lb, drawing 47lb on the fingers. Sight: Axcel

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Archery clothing – looking back at London 2012

Specialist archery clothing? Bow looks at an almost brilliant idea from London 2012 It’s a curious fact that while archery bows and bow accessories have continually improved in myriad ways for decades – even if a lot of improvements in

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How to succeed in archery – having the Olympic mindset

What separates the good from the greatest – and how can you get there too. By Christopher Bruntsch  Let’s start with the basics; what are psychological skill techniques? A clinical definition is the constant practice of a specific psychological skill

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GBR: On the rise

Bow catches up with the Team GB Olympic archery squad as they prepare to compete on the biggest stage of all. For the first time since London 2012, Great Britain will be sending a full complement of six archers to

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Interview: Hazel Chaisty

The newest member of the Tokyo Paralympics team, Hazel Chaisty, talks exclusively to Bow Great Britain is sending five archers to the Tokyo Paralympics, due to start on 24 August. Three – Jess Stretton, John Stubbs and Nathan Macqueen –

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Archery during pregnancy – the latest Ask the Experts from Bow

Our expert panel answers your questions. Send yours to GBR international Naomi Folkard gave birth to her first child in March this year, and is on the archery team for the Tokyo Olympics in July. She shared her experience

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Interview: Lina Björklund

The Swedish international opens up to Bow Lina Björklund is the current World Archery barebow field champion. The 2018 competition marked the third time she has won the world title, with a trophy cabinet bulging with other medals from a

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Ask the Experts: best exercises for a return to archery

Our expert panel answers your questions. QUESTION: I went and shot (compound) for the first time in a year or so. I currently shoot 40lb, and my shoulders are struggling. What are the best exercises for returning to form? ANSWER:

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