I Made This – Custom Made Arrows

Part 7 of a series on independent archery businesses. This month: regular Bow columnist Adrian Tippins on his finger slings. I make custom made arrows and carry out renovations to existing arrows. I also make deluxe double and single loop

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Archery In Ancient Russian Folklore

Kristina Dolgilevica dives into the Eastern past. Most Russians don’t realise how much archery is in their culture. It is only when it is pointed out to them, that they realise practically all their fairy-tale princes and ‘fools’ are usually

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Behind the scenes at archery distributor JVD

The Dutch company has become one of the largest archery distributors in the world. By Mimi Landström JVD Archery, based in the Netherlands, has been moving bows around the world for quite some time. It now has over 40 years

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Dampers: explained

Arne Metzlaff looks at something often overlooked The aim of dampers is to reduce or completely eliminate possible vibrations that occur in the bow. The most common type of archery damper is a rubber block, screwed to the bow or

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Top tips for winter archery maintenance

Essential winter maintenance – for you and your kit. By Rebekah Tipping A new year is historically the time for making resolutions and planning for the year to come. Nobody has lived through a year like 2020 before, which has

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The Finsbury Marks

Once, a huge swathe of London was an archery range. By Hugh Soar Archery practice in the 1500s was governed by statute and, with certain exceptions, all males were required to take part, with – it has to be said

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The Greatest Archery Movies: Ever

The definitive list of the best archery films ever made. By Bow‘s resident film correspondent Rick Flick. It’s harder to classify an ‘archery movie’, than it is to classify, say, a ‘submarine movie’. It’s something woven very differently into different

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I Made This: Baker Archery Products

Part 6 of a series on independent archery businesses. This month: Butch Baker of BAP We make bowstring jigs and various string building aids of my own design. We make an airless manual string stretcher built for the busy shop

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How to be an Olympic archer

Could it be easier than you think? For many recurve archers, the pinnacle of a career is representing your country at a summer Olympic Games. This is an extremely difficult goal to achieve, and getting selected and then qualifying is

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IHAA World Grand Prix

With the horseback world champs cancelled, it was time for something different. By the competition organiser Claire Sawyer Early 2020 brought a gradual realisation that everything would be different this year. As the International Horseback Archery Alliance (IHAA) cancelled our

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