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World Archery: looking forward to Paris 2024 and beyond

Paris 2024 and beyond: the future for the international sport Tokyo gave us some new events and new technology, but now the Olympics is done, everyone in the archery world has one city on their minds: Paris. Bow caught up

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International archery judge Graham Potts interview

Graham Potts has been at the forefront of international judging for a while, and was back in the technical team in Tokyo. He talks to Sophie Meering. Tell us what you did in Tokyo My role at these Games was

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Interview: Park Sung-Hyun

The 2004 Olympic champion talks to Bow The greatest? Park Sung-Hyun once described her archery medals as “gifts I’ve received along with my coach… If anything, I think I’ve had more luck than other people.” But Sung-Hyun dominated archery in

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Bow International at 150

The magazine founded in 1995 has hit yet another major milestone. Who made it happen?  Bow is 150! A magazine is formed by the publisher and the ad team, and the views of contributors and writers – but it is

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Archery photography tutorial

We’re here to give you a tutorial on archery-specific photography, and why it’s important. This feature is not going to cover the basics of photography such as lenses, or the relationships between shutter and aperture and ISO. For the basics,

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Advice from our team in the latest Ask the Experts

We’re offering the latest archery advice from our experts here at Bow International Q: I’m thinking about trying a kisser button. They seem to go in and out of fashion?  A: The kisser button is a simple device attached to

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What’s up with Korea?

The disaster for the Korean squad in Den Bosch had been on the cards for a while. While everyone involved in archery, and many in the wider world of sport, knows about the dominance of South Korean recurve teams, especially

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Why Every Club Needs An A-Team

Chris Wells thinks your archery club needs a Premier League. Here’s why.

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Review: Archery Scoring Apps

Sophie Meering takes us through some of the many current archery scoring apps on the market

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How To Destroy A World Record

At the Antalya World Cup, Kang Chae Young of Korea broke the 70m ranking round world record, becoming the first recurve woman to shoot more than 690 points in history

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