6 Field Gear Essentials

We’ve rounded up our top products to make your outdoor shooting session a little bit more comfortable – for you and your kit!

1. Shire Archery Belt Bag

Price: £24.99

This handy leather belt bag with an antler button has been designed for archers to keep essential items with them on the range. Approximately 15×11 centimetres, it also has a built-in belt loop.

2. Archer’s Towel

Price: £8.70

Ideal for both wet days and hot days, these towels have a terrycloth back in a solid grey colour, and a micro-fibre material on the front with an incorporated target design. Ideal for drying your equipment after a rain shower, it’s also useful for keeping your palms dry on hot days, too.

3. Artebo Shooting Sleeve 

Price: From €19

This shooting sleeve uses a flourine-free fabric for an environmentally-friendly, breathable, water-repellent addition to your shooting apparel. Suitable for use on bare arms or over layers and jackets, it has a soft elastic grip at the top to hold it in place and is available in sizes XS to XXL.

4. Air Vanes

Price: £3 per dozen

These two-inch vanes are 0.3 inches high and weigh just 4.5 grains each – perfect for long-distance outdoor shooting. The short length means it can be fletched at an angle up to three degrees helical, even on narrow diameter shafts. Available in a variety of solid colours.

5. Limb Legs

Price: £23.50

This simple, quiet and lightweight bow stand is an efficient way to stand your bow up on the range or in the field. Simply slide the top part between the limb split and rotate the stand so it’s at 90 degrees to the limbs. Designed specifically for Mathews wide-limb platforms, it offers a stable base to keep your bow upright when it’s not in use.

6. Perris Archery Deluxe Field Quiver


Price: £52

An update on the popular Q50 quiver model, this Deluxe Field Quiver from Easton features a plastic moulded arrow compartment with removable dividers, two front pockets and a top pocket. Make from a durable woven material, it also features two accessory rings and a bow square pocket.

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