Behinds the scenes at Gateway Feathers

Gateway Feathers is developing some very special vanes

Gateway: at it for over 50 years

Gateway Feathers, based in Arizona, has specialised for over 50 years in feather vanes for archery, offering a complete process. Many archers still prefer turkey feathers for fletching arrows, especially indoors and over shorter distances, taking advantage of the light weight and strong ability to control and guide. 

Recently, the company started developing a new process, aided by a new graphic artist called Miguel, who mastered the art of printing on feathers in no time at all. He was the driving force behind the American flag ‘Printz’ vanes as well as the ‘IT clown’ feathers, the latter of which were for a special request from archer Jonathan Piller (@piller_of_pain), another frequent Gateway collaborator. 

Miguel managed to push the process a step further to create vanes with a richer, bolder blood red using aerosol dye by hand, rather than relying entirely on printing to get the desired effect. Other changes mean that Gateway is now able to dry feathers only once in the processing – this allows the feathers to maintain more of their natural oils and thus heal better for longer, while also reducing water and energy consumption.

Designer Miguel

Gateway recently sponsored the Raiders’ Meet International Horseback Archery Competition in Turkey, with its long-time pro staff member Amanda Olsen representing the USA using custom flag Batwing Printz. The brand also developed a shield-cut flag for her teammate and compatriot Bonnie Romero. (We’re hoping to have some amazing pics from the Raiders’ Meet in the next issue of Bow.)

Bonnie and Amanda in Turkey


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