New archery products: summer 2022

We’re bringing you our top picks for all the latest archery products

Leatherman Wave

We’re big on multi-tools here at Bow, because anything that minimises on-field kit and makes things even a fraction simpler is welcome news. As well as the dual-code hex-key set that is essential for all recurvers and compounders, many (especially in the trad/field world) choose to take another multi-tool out for quick jobs where necessary. This Leatherman tool has a matt black powder-coated finish and a 25-year warranty. The list of locking blades and tools in this one is too long to detail here, so head on over to the brand’s website for full specs. 

Price: 134.95
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LCA Arrow Stand

Just the ticket if you regularly build arrows, this stand holds a dozen of them and keeps them separate while the glue dries during the fletching process. It’s built from solid steel, with a black powder-coated finish and rubber feet to protect your table. For the arrow builder who has everything? From Last Chance Archery, the firm that specialises in tools for archery shops, manufacturers and repairers. 

Price: $55
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Zip Range Kit

Zip Range is a quick-to-set-up-and-break-down mobile range for wherever it will safely fit: large gardens or woods. The target hanger can accommodate paper targets, balloons, archery foam and probably quite a bit else, too (it’s also suitable for air gunnery). The kit includes 200ft of 550 military grade paracord that can make up to a 100ft range, as well as pulleys, brackets, a cord winder, straps, clips and paper targets.

Price: $149
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AAE Bitz Knob

No sniggering at the back, please. This is an upgrade for the popular Biztenburger fletching jig that solves a common complaint – that one vane ends up “off”. As Arizona Archery puts it: “The solution to this problem resides in the consistency and the accuracy of the index dimples inside the jig… the Bitz Knob uses a wedge design that forced the nock down into the same location every time with a specific thickness”. It also works if you want to repair just a single vane at a time. The chatter online seems to suggest that it’s a long-overdue game changer. 

Price: from around $29.99
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Easton Superdrive Micro 4mm

The latest addition to the popular Superdrive family of products, the Superdrive Micro is designed for all-purpose outdoor-tournament use from target to field to 3D. Easton claims it will provide the lightest grain-per-inch weights possible in a given spine range. The all-carbon arrow is available in 11 spines, from 325 to 950, providing a choice for the best archers across every division, with an extremely
tight .002” straightness spec, and comes with full accompanying inserts and nocks. 

Price: see your Easton dealer!
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SRT Hornet

It wouldn’t really be a product round-up without something from SRT. From the Italian firm known for its 3D targets – the company has been building them since 1994 – comes a short and difficult shot of a hornet (known as a ‘calabrone’ in Italian), ideal for course setters and adventurous garden archers. As with all SRT products, it’s made with careful attention to environmental concerns. 60cm long and 28cm high, it’s certainly causing a buzz in 3D circles (sorry). 

Price: €175
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Kolon Sport SOX Outdoor Shoes

Archery shoes are a minefield of personal preferences; people have used anything from golf shoes to skate shoes in different situations. Many archers, especially in rainy Britain, go for some shade of hiking or walking boots.

Few brands, however, come with the patronage of the Korean national recurve team, which is sponsored by fashionable hiking brand Kolon Sport. The latest evolution of the Gore-Tex SOX shoe, these are waterproof and breathable, and weigh in at just 426g for the pair. Like many Kolon Sport shoes, they come with a click-to-tighten dial rather than laces. Ooh! The future! 

Price: from around £170
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LCA Black Tungsten Weights

Tungsten has become the in thing for stabilisation weights recently; denser than steel or iron, it allows for shorter weight stacks and shorter rods overall. You can get 3oz of weight in the same size as a 1oz stainless-steel weight. Black tungsten is the in thing of the in things, also offered by Axcel, among others. Scratch resistant, non threaded (so you will need an end cap) and available in 5/16 or 1/4 centre-hole options. 

Price: 3oz weight around £28
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