Ask The Experts: Sight Extension Bar

Q: How far out should I set my sight extension bar for a compound?


A: When adjusting your extension bar it’s important to know what to look for. Ideally you want to look through your peep and be able to see just a slither of air around the outside of your scope. Keep moving your sight bar in or out until you achieve this. If your sight is too far in you won’t be able to see the housing, which makes alignment to the peep extremely difficult and most probably inaccurate. If the sight bar is too far out, then the scope will look too small through the peep which, again, can cause you to struggle with alignment. This setting will be different for everyone and is based on your peep size, scope size, distance from your eye to peep, and draw length. Just be aware it is very important that you get it right or it can make aiming and peep alignment very difficult.

Liam Grimwood


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2 comments on “Ask The Experts: Sight Extension Bar
  1. Laval D. Falks says:

    You can always adjust the size of your scope to fit inside the peep once you have your sight bar extended to the proper length. The most important part of adjusting the length of your sight bar is to move the lens closer to your eye, or farther away, until the image of the target is clear. This distance (focal length) is determined by the power of your lens and the size of your peep in combination with your vision. Once you have the proper adjustment you can your peep or scope to go along with Liam’s excellent advice.

  2. Great advice. I am going to follow this. Thank you, Liam 😉

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