How do you tie an adjustable nocking point?

Bart Czuwara talks you through how to tie an adjustable nocking point…

Before you start, make sure that you know in which direction the serving was wound onto the string

The nocking point is one of the two most important factors (the other one being the brace height) when it comes to the process of tuning your bow and arrows. By installing an adjustable nocking point you can easily fine-tune your bow by screwing the nock point up or down the string, as needed, to try out a variety of nocking point positions before you settle on one.

The nocking point is tied using the same serving material as that which is used to serve the string. It is basically a very short section of outer serving. Before you start, make sure that you know in which direction the serving was wound onto the string. The general rule is that the serving will be wound in the same direction as the string twists, and so will the nocking point.

1. First, cut a piece of serving material (about 10 inches will do fine).

2. Lay the middle section of that piece onto the string and place a pencil next to it.

3. Next, wrap up 5–7 twists (not too tight) around the string over the pencil. This is quite enough to make sure that the nock point won’t slide up and down the string instead of twisting like a nut.

4. Then slowly slide the pencil out and thread the tag end you were winding around the string through that little tunnel created by the pencil.

5. Gently tighten both ends of the piece of serving, adjusting the twists so that they don’t get tangled up.

5. Tighten the nocking point and trim the tag ends, leaving about quarter of an inch on each end.

6. Then melt the ends with a lighter. If you’re using a bright-coloured serving material, melt the tag ends with the blue section of the flame as it won’t char the material. 7. Now your adjustable nocking point is ready. Once you’ve found the optimum nocking point position for your bow and arrow combination, you can either secure the nocking point with a dab of superglue, or carefully melt it into the string serving.

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