Ultimate gear: compound

Being the newest and most advanced of disciplines, compound archery has become synonymous with cutting-edge design and technically advanced equipment; every year you’ll find bigger and better kit that promises to increase your scores.

So if you’re a compound archer wanting to keep up with the latest trends, we’ve found the very best of everything you need for the ultimate set-up in 2022…


PSE’s latest addition to its target bow line-up, the 2022 Supra RTX builds on the success of the ever popular Supra range. In order to maximise the Supra’s already stable and forgiving deflexed riser design, PSE has fitted the RTX with new extra wide limb pockets and the legendary Evolve cam system; this gives the 2022 model even more stability and consistency than its predecessors.

Available in 37in or 40in axle lengths, a choice of more than 10 colours and an incredible 9½in of draw length adjustment across two cams, you can be sure there is a Supra RTX just for you.

Price: from £999.95

Hoyt Altus FX

Last year Hoyt released the Altus, a bow designed to give all-round world-class performance and build quality, and at a much lower price point than other offerings. For 2022 Hoyt has expanded the Altus range to feature a new FX model.

At 35in axle to axle, the Altus FX is designed for archers with a shorter draw length or who prefer a smaller, lighter bow. Featuring the same tournament-proven technology you would expect to find on a flagship bow – including Hoyt’s fantastic DCX and SVX cam systems – the Altus proves good things really do come in small packages.

Price: from £1,138

Mybo Revolution

Released at the beginning of 2021, the Mybo Revolution has more than carved out a place for itself among the best flagship bows available, claiming records and titles along the way. In 2022 the Revolution remains one of the smoothest-shooting target bows around, combining the stability of its neutral geometry riser and cleverly designed four-track cam system to deliver unparalleled accuracy and zero compromise on quality.

It also boasts a truly colossal draw length range, making it the perfect bow whatever your size. It is available in three axle lengths; 34in, 37in and 40in and nine vibrant colours, the Revolution is endlessly customisable and the very best of British.

Price: from £1,195

Mathews TRX 38 G2 Bow

There are many exceptional top-end target bows on the market, but the new TRX 38 has stood out for its exceptionally low vibration in a shorter, lighter 38in bow — the ‘G’ stands for generation. With 75% let-off as standard, and many options available, this is an exceptional evolution of the TRX series for serious target shooters. Coming in at 329fps, this will not disappoint on the range. In black, blue, red and white. 

Price: from £1,238

Easton X10 Protour

The king is still on his throne. Since its introduction, the compound-specific X10 Protour has won more titles and set more records for compound archers than all other choices combined. Specifically engineered for compound target competition, the Protour is made from lightweight, high-modulus carbon fibre with an alloy core. It features a front taper that allows for every size to use Easton X10 point components.

The precisely engineered mass-to-spine ratio of each Protour ensures the best ballistic performance at longer shooting distances, giving archers an undeniable edge in unpredictable windy weather. With unmatched precision and legendary durability in even the most abusive target materials, Easton’s X10 Protour is at the absolute performance pinnacle for compound target shooting.

Price: around £360 for a dozen

Black Eagle Revelation

The family-owned Black Eagle Arrows continues to grow in size and popularity after its recent takeover of Darton Archery and can boast more than 70 years of history and a very loyal customer base. Its latest product has been years in development and, after being professionally tested in the field it promises to be the best micro-diameter target shaft available.

The Revelation is a 100% carbon arrow designed for long-range target accuracy; its heavy but narrow shaft slices through the air with ease, minimising wind drift, while its unmatched weight and spine tolerances create a winning combination. Accessories include over-fit pin bushings, stainless steel or tungsten points and Black Eagle’s patented front-of-centre outsert system (FOCOS) to add extra weight to the front of the shaft. 

Price: around £230

TRU Ball Abyss X-Tension Flex

TRU Ball’s ever popular Signature Series range of release aids has been developed through collaboration with some of the best archers in the world. The Abyss X-Tension Flex is the latest offering from world record-holder Jesse Broadwater.

Designed to be two releases in one, the Abyss can be shot as either a thumb trigger or with a quick change as a pull-through back tension style release with a unique feature — the ability to draw the release without hanging on to a safety lever. Packed with features such as TRU Ball’s patented Flex finger adjustment system and boasting the best pressure repeatability of any tension style release aid on the market the new Abyss X-Tension Flex is truly the first of its kind. 

Price: around £260

TRU Ball Executive  

The first Signature Series release from pro archer Chris Perkins, The Executive hinge-style back tension has been designed to raise the game in adjustability. Featuring a micro-adjustable back tension speed and separate micro-adjustable click length, the Executive offers complete customisation of the release timing in order to suit your shooting style.

And for those who struggle to get the perfect D-loop length or for those who simply can’t dial into that draw length sweet spot, the Executive brings you a first in the archery world; a fully micro-adjustable head length. Crafted from solid brass and with an unprecedented level of adjustment, the Executive level of quality can be felt in this unique release. 

Price: around £230

X-Sight 2RX Shooting Glasses

X Sight has changed the game when it comes to shooting glasses; comfortable, affordable and effective, these lenses should be on every archer’s radar. The latest model has had a complete design overhaul, including frames that incorporate all the features most requested by archers as well as a host of new lenses. The range of archery-specific lens colours is staggering; you’ll never struggle to see the target again, whatever conditions you’re shooting in.

Price: from £90

Bowmar Peep Tuner

There is nothing more frustrating than having a peep sight that won’t align properly. It can cost you points at the target and trying to fix it can seem an impossible task. Now you no longer have to put up with it, thanks to this simple but ingenious device.

The Bowmar Peep Tuner comes as a set of three tuners in varying sizes – the size you choose is dependent on the level of rotation in your peep – and it fits into your string in the same way as your peep sight. The lightweight tuner simply slides up and down the string just above your peep, and quickly and easily straightens its rotation. The Bowmar Peep Tuner is a simple, safe and cost-effective solution to one of archery’s most frustrating problems – ingenious!

Price: around £16 

Leupold RX-FullDraw 5 Rangefinder

Built to be the most accurate rangefinder ever, the new Leupold RX-FullDraw 5 is the most advanced archery-specific rangefinder on the market. It allows you to input your bow speed, peep height and arrow weight to calculate laser accurate ranges based on your specific set-up, giving you pinpoint-accurate shooting distances whatever the angle.

It also features updated flightpath technology and a bad weather setting so you’ll always be able to range your target, whatever the conditions. Plus, with its 6x magnification, bright red OLED display and incredibly fast laser engine, you’ll see why this rangefinder is guaranteed to give you the advantage that you’ve been looking for.

Price: from £368 

Reign Bowstrings Reign Supreme

Why just Reign when you can Reign Supreme? Reign’s top-of-the range Supreme bowstring raises the game in durability and accuracy, expertly built from Bloodline material using the same industry-leading methods as Reign’s standard strings.

Unlike traditional waxed fibres, Supreme edition strings use Bloodline fibres finished with a Next-Gen coating that gives them better protection from wear due to friction or inclement weather. This unique coating is much lighter than traditional wax, helping you to achieve higher arrow speeds.

It’s also extremely low maintenance, making the Supreme bowstrings the longest-lasting, bowstring you’ll find. If you really want to stand out, check out the super-cool glow in the dark edition. Because, why not?

Price: from £95

Last Chance Archery Revolution Arrow Saw

When is an arrow saw not just an arrow saw? When it’s a full arrow-building system such as the innovative Revolution arrow saw from Last Chance Archery.

Featuring a 10,000 rpm cutting blade for the cleanest cut in the industry and a wet and dry vacuum attachment to ensure all the harmful and messy dust is safely collected, this arrow-cutting beast wouldn’t look out of place in the most up to date of workshops, which is why more professionals trust Last Chance than any other brand.

The Revolution also boasts a full range of arrow-finishing tools in order to perfectly de-burr, square and even check the straightness of your arrows.

Price: around £630

Rinehart 3D Sasquatch

Legend has it he’s still out there. Featured in last year’s Ultimate Gear list, Rinehart’s 7ft Sasquatch target is still one of the most impressive things you’ll ever see on an archery range. We had a ton of inquiries about him last year.

Perhaps as tough as the real thing, this 100% weatherproof and UV resistant target can withstand years of harsh outdoor weather conditions. Made from solid, self-healing foam, its replaceable insert is held in place by a patented locking system which stays put until you need to change it.

Like all Rinehart 3D targets, arrow removal is simple and easy and the sturdy foam construction stops even the fastest arrows. Unique and impressive, the ultimate 3D target and that’s no myth.

From: around £3,060

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