3D Grand Prix 3rd Leg 2014 / Antalya – Kemer

ONOK ARCHERY will host one of the most prestigious competitions in the world in Antalya, Kemer on 18-19 October 2014.

Taking place at the Mount Olympos Beydağları Coastal National Park, the 3D Archery Grand Prix is being organised with the support of the HDH-IAA (Historical 3 Dimensional Hunting International Archery Association) to create a prize fund exceeding $10,000.

Hundreds of competitors from all around the world are set to compete across the challenging 3D course and the Re-union zone within the National Park, which are being prepared with special care to offer participants numerous activities across two enjoyable days.

Unlike traditional archery competitions, the 3D Archery Grand Prix is held in natural surroundings where there is no pre-determined range for the targets. Competitors will shoot at plastic animal targets througout the course and natural obstacles like rocks and trees will make conditions tough. The archers will no be told the distances of these targets and will have to trust their instincts.

Besides the official awards, there will be special tournaments with prizes such as travelling opportunities to Mount Olympos by cable car, an unforgettable dinner at the top and other opportunities including paragliding.

In order to get more detailed information about the 3D Grand Prix in Antalya and in order to join the event as an archer or spectator, please visit www.onok.com.tr or www.hdhiaa.net.

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