6 Top new archery products

A small selection of the new-for-2018 toys we spotted at the Vegas Shoot trade show

1. Mathews UltraGrip

Mathews UltraGrip

One of the more intriguing – and colourful – new products on display was UltraView’s range of modular grips, allowing archers to quickly test multiple grip angles and switch different components in and out. They offer both a regular plastic and an extra-strong, temperature-resistant carbon fibre model too. The company package different angle ‘packs’ for you to try – and you can choose your colours too, as all are handmade to order. Currently only available for Mathews bows, the company has plans to expand the range for other models.

2. ECVF ChronoTir

ECVF ChronoTir

The French firm EVCF were displaying the latest version of their ChronoTir, intended for clubs and archers stepping up their training or tournament game. The ChronoTir gives timing information, alarm sounds, and start and stop lights, all controlled via remote by the judge or field captain. Powered by long-life batteries and completely rain-proof, it can also handle both individual and team matches.

3. MK Korea Beta riser

MK Korea Beta riser

The MK Korea Beta is the updated version of their much-lauded Alpha aluminium riser. It can shoot both ILF and Formula limbs without an adaptor thanks to a cunning dual-tiller bolt arrangement. The Beta has been specially strengthened in the lower section, with redesigned limb pockets. Weighing in at 1320g, the design of the riser gets wider as it moves towards the centre of the grip to better reduce vibrations.
MK make a point that all their manufacturing is done in-house to exacting standards on a single CNC machine – in common with many archery products, but not all.

4. Shrewd Remedy

Shrewd Remedy

Shrewd Archery are a major presence at the Vegas Shoot, and they were showing off their newest fixed blade rest: the Remedy. This features micro-adjustable vertical and horizontal travel, but also Teflon anodising and what they call ‘infinite blade angle adjustment’. Everything is laser-etched to a high standard with highly readable scales on each side.

5. Shrewd Optum

Shrewd Optum

Another product from Shrewd was their new fully modular Optum scope, a new design that removes the pin from the scope housing, allowing easier mounting of light kits and easier maintenance, while still allowing the mounting of all standard accessories. It contains a rheostat cover, which allows you to adjust the amount of light getting to a fibre if you need to.

6. Trufire releases

Trufire releases

Trufire Archery had an eye-catching stand displaying their new Sear and Synapse releases. The Sear is a back-tension release with options for short, medium, fast and no click, with an four-finger module adjuster included and available in five colours. The Synapse release is what you’d expect from a precision target release with adjustable trigger travel and adjustable trigger pressure.

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