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The 2022 trade went full steam ahead in Louisville, Kentucky in January 2022. Mimi Landström checked out the latest and greatest archery gear. 

Abyss X-Tension Flex by TRUBall

The newest in the Jesse Broadwater Signature Series of release aids, the Abyss X-Tension Flex is designed to be two releases in one by simply adjusting a single screw. It can be shot as a thumb trigger release, or a pull-thru tension release. With this new release, drawing the bow does not require the archer to hold onto a lever for safety on the pull-thru Tension function. 

The Tri-Star hook system is on this release, meaning it automatically resets the hook. The release is available in medium and large and comes with three different adjustable finger pieces, making the release either a three or finger finger.
Around £290/$350

Curve Cube sight pin by Axcel

The newest sight pin from Axcel, the Curve Cube has square edges to help line up with the target edges. The industry leading design has a fiber that wraps around the scope in order to provide a brighter pin than other square scopes available. 

The inside diameter of the scope is 8mm with a .019” or .029” fibre to fit. The fibres come in green, red or yellow. The sight pin consists of a 8-32” threaded stainless steel connecting rod.

Beiter MicroKlicker 

The Beiter MicroKlicker is new for 2022. It is a re-design of the TEC-HRO MicroKlicker, with a more robust look and feel about it. This new MicroKlicker will help any recurve archer find their exact draw length, whilst allowing micrometrically adjusting if and when needed. 

One click is 0.125mm, so it has accuracy. The angle of the clicker does not change when it is being adjusted, but can be set and changed in steps of 7.5 degrees. The product is available to two models, with different mounting plate lengths, with a third available for custom orders. And finally, there are two clicker blades included, 0.20 and 0.25mm, with colours available to order separately.
Around £90

Axcel AVX Scopes

Axcel have brought out the AVX scopes for 2022. The modular scope series brings customisation with patented interchangeable ring pins. 

The ring pins change from 10,000 or 19,000 diameter fibre sizes. They have a 1-/32 stainless steel connection rod. The scopes come in 31 and 41 housing scopes. 

Three new features the scope has is a longer level within the scope, manually adjustable rheostat cover to control pin brightness, and an angled light adapter to help with the lens aiming dot.

Easton Superdrive Micro arrow

The latest in the Superdrive line of products is the Superdrive Micro, the 4mm arrow. This all-carbon arrow is intended to be used for 3D, field, or target archers, but with the lightest grain-per-inch weight possible. The shaft is constructed of multi-layer wrapped 100% carbon-fiber in a 4mm parallel design.

This arrow has been specifically designed for outdoor competitions and is available in 11 spines from 325 to 950. There are components that Easton recommend with the arrows, including their 4mm ML Stainless Steel Point, 4mm Point, plus naturally their range of pin nocks for compound or recurve, G Nock and Microlite Nock.
Available Spring 2022

Hoyt x Shibuya Verta-Tune Ultima Clicker Plate 

The collaboration all recurve Hoyt shooters need. The Verta-Tune Ultima Clicker Plate Rest integrates the Shibuya Ultima arrow rest within the plate. 

Rather than it sticking out from the plate, the rest fits perfectly into the slot. The plate is compatible with premium Hoyt recurve models with the distinctive Hoyt logo and laser engraved clicker positioning marks. The package includes the plate and a Shibuya Ultima Arrow Rest, available in both the high and medium plate. To fix the plate to the riser, there is double sided industrial strength adhesive tape supplied.

Around £75

B3 Exact Rize target sight

The new sight features a patented design for a vertical travel click system. It has an adjustable indicator and easy to read sight scales and 3-axis adjustments. The sight has been created with micro-adjustment in mind. The windage unit available is under .001 per click with no excess travel. 

The Exact Rize Target sight has a 6” bar and comes in the Mathews Archery Bridge-Lock sight bar long or short or standard options. 

Stan SoleX 

Stan has released the SoleX, a wrist strap index finger release. This release is a single-sear design with just a hook and a trigger. Being a single sear means the bow weight reduces 1-1, making it feel very different. 

It has been designed with a cam pin inside to help with adjusting the travel and tension of the release. It can be set incredibly heavy or very light, depending how the archer prefers it, but offers the adjustment for that. There is adjustment within the release to give zero travel when shooting it.

Lancaster Classic bonus score triple spot target

The Lancaster Classic 2022 has introduced a 12 bonus score ring. The ring is a 1.5cm white dot that is located at six o’clock in the red, between the seven and eight ring on each target face. 

This 12 score is only used in the Shoot-Up Finals if the archer declares they want to shoot it. The triple spot is the normal 40cm size in a triangle spot formation. Practicing on these faces will bring an extra element to training, something different to aim at.
Around 60p each, not including shipping.

New compound colours by Hoyt 

The Formula Xi, Xceed, and Invicta risers are now available in the brand new Cerakote colours for 2022. 

The Cerakote finish protects the aluminium risers from paint chipping, whilst also increasing the durability, consistency, corrosion protection and longevity of the paint work on the riser. It does this by creating a stronger bond to its surface. The colours available in this finish are; Slate, White Ice, Podium Red, Charger Blue, Jet Black
UK prices vary

X-Focus 365 Achromat Doublet Glass Lens

The X-focus 365 Achromat Doublet Glass Lens is essentially two pieces of glass bonded together to make a super crisp and clear lens. The light goes through and disperses through the first lens, gets magnified and then travels through the second lens, which will then colour correct it. 

This brings the points of light back into one plane rather than many, creating a superior image quality, so they say. The lens has a full anti-reflective coated optics coating which has hydrophobic properties to shed water. 

The lens is available for Bowfinger, Axcel, and UltraView scopes.

BCY Mercury 2 bowstring

BCY need little introduction as one of the major supplies of bowstring and string-building material; their products are used by hundreds of manufacturers around the world in all types of bows. For the ATA, they announced the Mercury 2 Bowstring, a larger version of the popular Mercury material.

Made from the highest strength Dyneema available, it has very low creep. Optimised for use in crossbows, it is also suitable for compounds, or as as an alternate for the older Force 10 brand. Available in the company’s usual solid colours – check their website for more details.

No pricing yet

Hoyt Altus FX

The all new Hoyt Altus FX is 2-2.5” shorter than the original Altus at 35 ¾”, with a mass weight of 4.4lbs, brace height of 6 ½” and 337 FPS on the SVX cams and 318 on the DCX cams. This compound is designed for target and 3D shooters alike. The Altus FX is a non-shoot thru riser and is available in right or left handed. 

It is available in four target riser colours, Pitch Black, Lava Red, Electric Blue, and Smoke Gray. The 2022 riser has a narrower grip to reduce hand torque.
From around £1,169

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