New boss developed in Warwickshire

A Warwickshire-based coach has developed a new type of boss, made from recycled materials, thanks to a grant from Funding 4 Innovation. Paul Hadley, director of Stratford Archery Centre, experimented with recycled materials to make a boss that was lighter and longer-lasting than traditional straw bosses, before finding a foam that was created as a waste product by the automotive industry. The grant has meant he could set up facilities to make more of them, and Paul says, “Other bosses are constructed from products that are specifically made for the target, whereas ours is a by-product of waste material. “The real buzz for me is the feedback from archers who say it performs really well and is kind to them and their arrows as it’s easier to remove them from the target. It’s twice as durable as straw targets in terms of the number of shots it can take.”

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