Outdoor archery essentials

Some of the best current gear for field (and target too!)

Zerofit base layer

As recommended in Bow 151, these matt-finish base layers seem well suited to British weather. Available in six different unisex sizes – it’s possible the very largest archers may not be catered for, but snug is better than not – in black, red and grey. The technical fabrics, neutral styling, simple colours and lack of loud branding make this stand out to us, as well as the performance and flexibility for shooting. 

From around £45
More at: zerofit.co.uk

Pfeilgerade arrows

We’ve seen some exceptional trad arrow work arrive on the desk here at Bow Towers, but I’m not sure we’ve seen anything quite as beautiful as these handmade turned German arrows. An extraordinary variety of woods, colours and fletchings are available, along with beautifully coloured quivers and nocks too. 

Pricing on request
More at: pfeilgerade.com

Balance trainer

A common recommendation for archers in some circles, a balance trainer will improve your proprioceptor muscles (look them up), balance and posture, and strengthen your core too – perfect for improving those tricky hillside shots. Note: if you’re using one of these indoors, it’s recommended to have a board underneath to protect floors/carpets. 

From around £20 
Available at: amazon.co.uk

LCA Precision Arrow Prep Kit

New from LCA, this is an ideal kit for anyone building carbon arrows from scratch and is small enough to take into the field with you. Includes a demurring tool, brushes for roughing-up insides of arrows, swabs for removing carbon dust, and a handle and thread adaptor to hold the various tools. Several different sizes and styles are available to cover multiple arrow sizes.

From around $30 (£22.50)
More at: lastchancearchery.com

Zip Range

The Zip Range is a quick set-up
and break-down mobile range for your garden, field or favourite spot in the woods. Designed for multiple shooting sports, it contains pulleys, paracord, brackets and clips to set up an indoor-style range outdoors. It says it’s able to take archery foam on the tough metal brackets. Maybe you have the right spot for it? 

From £149
More at: ziptargets.com

Tilley hat

Many field archers use a wide-brimmed hat to protect from multiple elements and stray foliage. Some bow styles allow you to shoot in them too; if not, you’ll need a chin strap to allow for quick removal and replacement. The Tilley hat is a classic outdoor adventuring hat that should last a lifetime – if you believe anything lasts a lifetime in the woods. This is the Airflo version. 

From £70 
More at: cotswoldoutdoor.com

Lightweight trousers

Almost all field archery advice tells you to wear long trousers for any course that involves woods or deep brush, to protect the legs from scrapes and – in the summer – the threat of ticks, which can carry Lyme disease. Some archers keep two pairs, one a nice set, like this higher-end ‘pac-lite’ GoreTex pair from Berghaus – and one cheaper set for courses with lots of brambles where the chances of getting ripped are much higher.

From around £100 
More at: berghaus.com

Janbows Khai

Also from Germany, some exceptional traditional bow work from JanBows. The pictured example is its Khai model, featuring a shedua riser and bamboo carbon limbs, with an anti-slip engraved grip. Of course, a vast number of other exotic and beautiful woods are available to create something very personal and special
– and its bows are available in takedown versions too. 

From 880 EUR (£739)
More at: janbows.com

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