How to get to grips with the clicker

Mimi Landström takes a look at one of the most common hang-ups in target archery For recurve archers, the clicker can be a love/hate relationship. Nearly every international recurve archer shoots with a clicker, so why, and how, can it

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The Science Behind the Clicker

It’s a small piece of equipment that can nevertheless have a big impact – Craig Johnson looks into how and why a clicker works when it comes to improving your shot

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The Crucial Factor

Roy Rose knows an unanticipated release is essential – and here, he explains why   One of the most puzzling aspects of our sport is surely the statistic that reveals that, although almost every elite shooter employs a surprise release,

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In praise of the barebow archer

Roy Rose argues that the recognition barebow archers get doesn’t correlate to the skill required for this division A number of the world’s finest archers continue to achieve superlative results with very little recognition, and without enjoying the profile of

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Ask The Experts

Q: I shoot recurve, and my scores are improving to the stage where they’re good enough to shoot for my county, but there are still occasions where I find I’m struggling to draw fluently through the clicker. Is there anything I

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Lights, XCEL Camera, action!

  When Bow International got hold of the XCEL Camera, we stuck it on our bow to get some close-up archery action footage!

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