16 Premium archery gifts for that special someone

If money is no object and you’d like to treat that very special bow-wielding person to something you can guarantee they’ll love, look no further than our premium gift guide…

Under £150

1. Axcel curve rx recurve scope

Price: £89.99

Where to buy: The Archery Shop

This scope is packed with features to help recurve archers achieve the best aim. It features a 0x magnification, FITA legal, drilled lens for perfect fibre placement; red and green fibres are included, as well as a selection of apertures to frame the target as it suits the archer.

2. Victory VAP Target Shafts

Price: £84.99

Where to buy: The Archery Shop

These arrow shafts have a thick walled carbon construction for robust performance and  tight groups. The nano-ceramic “ICE” coating provides improved penetration and easy arrow removal, and they come in a good range of spines for a perfect tune.

3. Cartel Xpert complete recurve bow

Price: £99

Where to buy: Merlin Archery

This complete recurve package includes the sturdy Cartel Xpert 23-inch riser, Kinetic Bamboom limbs, string, arrow rest and stringer – perfect for someone starting out on their archery journey.

4. Dry Fire Pro

Price: $124

Where to buy: Dry Fire Archery

The Dry Fire Pro training device can be used by right or left handed archers with draw lengths up to 36 inches, meaning it’s portable and easy to use nearly everywhere by almost everyone. With an adjustable tension wheel, it allows archers to work on their form and release wherever and whenever, and with an adjustable grip it can accommodate different grip preferences, and you can screw in a sight and add weights to work on your aim, too.

5. Premium Pine Varnished Arrows 

Price: £60 (set of eight)

Where to buy: Clickers Archery

Spine tested to ensure each set is closely matched, these arrows feature a quality varnish finish and hand-applied cresting and are available in a set of eight or 12 in four different colour groupings.

6. X-Sight Pro Archery Glasses

Price: £129.96

Where to buy: Quicks Archery

These shooting glasses come with four interchangeable lenses, so you can always get the best view of the target no matter what the conditions.

Blow the budget!

7. MYBO Victory Plus Release Aid

Price: £150

Where to buy: Merlin Archery

The Victory Plus is a versatile, precision-machined thumb activated release aid. It’s even shot a new British record – Mybo pro-archer Adam Ravenscroft shot a perfect 150-point 12 arrow pass with a test model.

8. Arc Systeme Index Wrist Release Aid

Price: £184.99

Where to buy: The Archery Shop

A high-end compound wrist release, made with materials of the highest standards and a wuality production process.

9. Avalon Tec-X Pro Case

Price: £146.40

Where to buy: Quicks Archery

Perfect for serious competition shooters, this wheeled bow case comes with a host of internal and external pockets for all your gear and accessories, plus two Velcro straps to keep your bow secure while in transit. At 116cm long, it’ll fit everything you need to take with you.

10. Oneida Eagle Phoenix

Price: £1,556 

Where to buy: Merlin Archery

The Oneida Eagle Phoenix is smooth shooting, silent, hard-hitting bow with plenty of energy – and accurate, too.

11. PSE Perform-X 3D Compound

Price: £1,329

Where to buy: Quicks Archery


PSE’s top target bow, the Perform-X is 36 inches axle-to-axle, and features the ESC Evolve cam, FRX Flex Rod system, and Vapor RollerGlide cable slide. The shoot-through riser is available in 11 anodised colours, while the wide limb base offers a stable shot feeling.

12. Gray Archery AIX Recurve riser

Price: £689.99

Where to buy: The Archery Shop

This 25-inch riser is something a little different for those who like to try something new. It’s been designed as a dedicated target recurve but can be set up as a barebow, with several weight attachment points, and an interesting feature is that you can adjust the stiffness and feel of the riser using the removable damping bridge (sold separately).

13. T.R.U.Ball Execute

Price: From $179.99

Where to buy: Lancaster Archery Supply

The first nickel-plated brass-bodied wrist strap release to hit the market, the Execute has a trigger that is adjustable in feel from ultra-light to ultra-heavy, with each adjustment screw featuring a lock to prevent any unintended movement. A crisp and reliable double-sear mechanism won’t build up trigger pressure with additional bow weight, and each release comes with two trigger options.

14. Mathews TRX 38

Price: £1,128

Where to buy: Clickers Archery

This is the 38-inch axle-to-axle model of a bow that has already proven itself a capable performer. Coming with the V-mod as standard with 70 per cent let-off (offering a deeper valley), it’s a slightly shorter and lighter version of the TRX models, making it suitable for indoor, outdoor and field archery and more archers than ever before.

15. Uukha VX+ Xcurve Recurve Limbs

Price: £748.99

Where to buy: The Archery Shop

These XCurve limbs feature a radically curved profile that stores more energy and provides an unmatched smoothness. Thanks to exclusive use of high strength and high modulus unidirectional carbon fibre, they’re lightweight as well as boasting a high torsional stiffness and resistance to changes in conditions.

16. Spot Hogg Hogg-It WRT Wrapped Sight

Price: £199.99

Where to buy: The Archery Shop

Released earlier this year, the Hogg-It features the MRT Pin Guard and a lighter, longer sight bar. This sight incorporates a ton of features and is micro-adjustable for absolute precision.


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