15 Christmas archery gifts under £50

Need to find the perfect gift for the hard-to-buy-for toxophilite with a budget of under £50? We’ve got you covered! Looking for something a little cheaper? Click here for our stocking fillers!

1. Split Draw Length Measure

Price: £10.80

Where to buy: Clickers Archery

A great tool for coaches, the Split Draw Length measure can be unscrewed into two halves for transportation and storage. The archer simply nocks it like a normal arrow and draws up, and their draw length can be measured from the scale that’s marked from  20 inches and 34.5 inches in ¼ inch graduations.

2. Shooter’s Towel

Price: £9.48

Where to buy: Quicks Archery

This soft towel comes with a hook for attaching it to your quiver, and is perfect for wiping down any equipment anfter a rain shower. Available in five colours.

3. White Feather String Silencers

Price: £5.99

Where to buy: The Archery Shop

This set of two string silencers is perfect for traditional archers. They reduce noise and vibration and are made from natural materials that have excellent water resistance.

4. Beiter Bracer

Price: £8.10

Where to buy: Clickers Archery

This armguard is a longstanding classic – each one comes with two bands and two fasteners, and the slim body means you can combine more than one for a larger surface area. Available in a variety of colours.

5. Last Chance Archery Handheld Compound Bow Scale

Price: £38.70

Where to buy: Clickers Archery

Simple to use, this handheld bow scale can help you in your tuning endeavours by giving you an accurate measure of your bow’s weight. With an LED digital display and a peak weight setting, you can set it to measure in pounds or kilos and it can handle bows up to 110lbs – well within the target limit.

6. Jackalope 3D Target

Price: £49.99

Where to buy: The Archery Shop

This antlered rabbit (known in folklore as the jackalope, wolpertinger or rassebock) will make a fun addition to any shooting range. It features universal scoring rings to keep easy track of who’s winning.

7. RAP Exercise Grip

Price: £29.70

Where to buy: Clickers Archery

Perfect for practicing and working on technique at home, this grip is suitable for both right- and left-handers and lets the archer work on their technique with a proper front hand position.

8. Subscription to Bow International

Price: £25.25 (full year)

Where to buy: My Favourite Magazines

Why not get someone a year’s worth of archery advice, tips and tricks from the best in the business delivered right to their door? You can set it up online at myfavouritemagazines.com  by direct debit, debit or credit card, or PayPal, and there are quarterly or full year options available, too, so you can pick the package that suits.

9. Socx Archery Scarf

Price: £19.99

Where to buy: The Archery Shop

Wrap up warm and display your love of archery to the world in this fun target coloured scarf.

10. Brady Ellison Cap

Price: £17.94

Where to buy: Quicks Archery

This black cap with a red embroidered ‘BE’ logo will keep bright light out of your eyes when you’re aiming, and looks stylish enough to wear away from the range, too.

11. Spigarelli BB+ Cordovan Barebow Tab

Price: £34.99

Where to buy: The Archery Shop

This tab is optimised for barebow style shooting. Its ambidextrous design features a single piece leather cordovan face for an under-arrow, three-finger shooting style, and it boasts an adjustable depth regulator to ensure the same grip at every shot.

12. Doinker A-Bomb Back Damper

Price: £42.99

Where to buy: The Archery Shop

This rear damper features a 1-inch diameter A-Bomb, plus end weights. The base thread is 5/16-inch and the threaded weights are ¼-inch.

13. Mathews Limb Legs 

Price: £21

Where to buy: Clickers Archery

A lightweight bow balancing solution, the stand simply slides between the limbs and rotates into place to keep your bow upright when it’s not in use. Designed to work with wide-limb platforms, they won’t leave any marks and are easy to remove.

14. Beiter Hit-Miss Foam System

Price: £35

Where to buy: Clickers Archery

Introduce something a bit different to your archery sessions with the Beiter Hit-Miss foam target system. Available in both recurve and compound 10 sizes, the plastic ‘10’ discs pop out of the foam backing when hit, making them great for club games and fun nights as well as competition practice.

15. Mybo q6 Target Quiver

Price: £14.95

Where to buy: Merlin Archery

Durable, lightweight and plenty of room for your accessories, with the large zip pocket on the main body of the quiver and an additional velcro pocket below the belt line. This quiver is ready to use out of the bag as a quiver belt is included. Available in left- and right-handed options and four colours.

This article originally appeared in the issue 120 of Bow International magazine. For more great content like this, subscribe today at our secure online storewww.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk

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