How to build accurate arrows, part 1

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At Last Chance Archery, our primary goal is to build, create, and sell products that allow you to tune your equipment better and make it easier.

The most crucial step is to use the right tools. Archery is two-sided, there’s the skill of shooting your bow, of course, and there’s the art of tuning your equipment. Without equipment that has been tuned correctly, you could never achieve your goals and never have the success you’re looking for. This starts with a perfectly built arrow!

1. Choose the correct arrow saw

It’s essential to choose the correct saw. The saw can be a very vital tool inside your tuning tool arsenal. Ensuring you cut and build a precise arrow will control whether your arrows shoot accurately. We have made the Rolls Royce of arrow saws; the Revolution Arrow Saw is proving time and time again why it’s the top arrow saw on the market, bar none. This saw has eight tools in one, and below, we’ll explain a few of those features, and why they’re essential for the different steps it takes to build an arrow. (Available in 115V or 230V)

2. Cut your arrow

The RAS includes several adjustment options so that no matter what arrow you might cut, it will always cut square. It has a fully enclosed motor and blade housing to help eliminate sound, and a custom water dripper drips water onto the blade as you cut to dampen and help eliminate harmful and messy carbon dust.

3. Square your arrow

No matter how precise your saw is, it’s essential to square both ends of your arrow
before installing components. The RAS has a built-in arrow squaring tool just for this

4. Debur the arrow

As an included accessory, the RAS has a debur tool that is used for deburring the inside
of the arrow shaft so that points and nocks install with ease.

5. Brush and swabs

As a final step, the RAS uses both brushes & swabs to clean out the inside of the arrow
shafts before gluing in your points.

These are only a few features that the Revolution Arrow Saw has; for more details, visit
our website Stay tuned for Part 2!

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