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Q: I am aware that the dot will move around as I aim, but each time it steadies somewhat, it then takes a dip down into the red. What is causing this to happen?

A: Fortunately, this situation can be readily rectified by adding more weight to your front stabiliser. You probably have a reasonably heavy weighted side rod angled to a position behind your bow hand. This is a popular setup now, with modern handles seeming to feel most stable with the side rod attached to the lower extremity of the riser. However, if you do not have enough weight out front on your long rod, your dot will bounce nicely around the centre, but then suddenly take a downward dip, as you’ve alluded to. Experiment with some extra weight out front, but I would advise you do it gradually, and if you suddenly see the pattern of movement change from a virtually vertical dip to a horizontal left-right movement into the red, then you’ll know you’ve added too much weight and can then re-adjust accordingly.

Somewhere in between you will find a front weight situation that will allow your dot to float around the gold without taking that sudden dip you’ve been experiencing.

Roy Rose


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