Archery petition launched!

A petition has been launched to ask the president of the Commonwealth Games Federation to make archery a core sport. Charlie Keeble set up the petition, and said, “I strongly believe that archery is worthy of being a core sport in the Commonwealth Games programme just as it is in the Olympic Games because of its strong physical and mental test of abilities for those who use a bow and arrow.”

The petition asks that archery – currently an optional sport for the Commonwealth Games – be made a core sport. This would ensure its inclusion at all future Commonwealth Games events, as at the moment it is up to the hosting committee as to whether it is included or not. You can see and sign the petition at

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5 comments on “Archery petition launched!
  1. Gina burton says:

    if Lawn Bowling can be classed as a commonwealth sport then Archery certainly passes the test.

  2. Allan Shuker says:

    Archery is a much loved sport and should be a core sport in the commonwealth games

  3. lewis says:

    It should, I strongly believe that archery is a great and challenging sport that should be a core sport.

  4. dalores says:

    I agree

  5. mal says:

    Archery is one of the most ancient of skills requiring strength, stamina and intelligence. The London Olympics televised archery rated its’ socks off and the sport is rapidly growing in popularity. Time to stop being boring and dull and include archery in the Commonwealth Games!

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