NASP to come to UK

The founder of Sussex-based archer business Adrian Caddy Archery, Adrain Caddy, will be bringing the NASP archery program to the UK

NASP  – which stands for the NAtional Archery in Schools Program – was formed in Kentucky in the USA in 2001, and has taught school-age children to shoot safely in the USA, Canada, Australia, Mongolia, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and New Zealand.

Roy Grimes, founder and president of NASP, said, “We’ve been looking for the right person or organisation in the UK, who believes fully in what NASP is all about, to bring our program to British schools and let the UK compete on identical terms across Britain, and with kids from the US, Canada, Africa, Australia and wherever else safe archery can see a clear route for young people to become Olympians if they want to.”

“We were pleased to discover that ACA and Adrian Caddy already have a fine reputation for archery education, and his qualifications fit perfectly with NASP requirements.”

“We trained Adrian in March to become fully certified as the first UK NASP® Co-Ordinator and UK NASP® Basic Archery Instructor Trainer. This is an exciting time for schools and youngsters with an interest in our timeless pursuit – using 21st century equipment”

Adrian says he has started discussing the UK NASP requirements with schools he currently teaches in, and is looking for at least 10 schools in the East Sussex/Kent region to make up the Pilot Project as soon as possible. He adds, “I’ve been aware of the NASP since they launched in America, and hoped their training methods and equipment consistency – for all ages and abilities – would come to Britain eventually.”

That’s not all either – in July this year UK NASP has been invited to take a team of 12 pupils from the same school (with a minimum of four girls on that team) to attend the 2014 NASP World Tournament in Madison, Wisconsin. Following that, the UK Co-Ordinator is seeking a team of 16 boys and girls (at least four girls) to participate in the All-Star Championships at the same venue.

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