Robert Hardy at The Longbow Shop

Robert Hardy, actor and longbow expert, will be giving a talk on the English longbow at The Longbow Shop to mark the 600th anniversary of the battle of Agincourt. 


Robert Hardy will be at The Longbow Shop on 25 May Photo: Adrian Arbib

Robert Hardy will be at The Longbow Shop on 25 May
Photo: Adrian Arbib

As well as a talk on the subject the actor, who says he has had a life-long fascination with the longbow, will be signing copies of his book on the subject.

He said, “The Longbow was the super weapon of its day. It has been my life’s study since at the age of six I discovered two bows in an attic and was fascinated by them.”

Jason Powell, founder and one of three directors of The Longbow Shop, added, “From the first time I loosed an arrow from a traditional English longbow I was smitten. We’re delighted to be welcoming actor and Longbow expert Robert Hardy to our shop for this very rare and exclusive event to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt.”


Jason Powell, Graham Higgs and Mike O'Sullivan of The Longbow Shop

Jason Powell, Graham Higgs and Mike O’Sullivan of The Longbow Shop

The event will be held from 10am to 4pm at The Longbow Shop premises on 25 May, and a limited number of tickets are available.

Tickets will cost £50, which includes lunch and refreshments through the day, and are available from The Longbow Shop.

You can contact The Longbow Shop at:

Unit 20
Price Street Business Centre
Price Street
CH41 4JQ

T: 01516 526653


You can also book tickets online at: 

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One comment on “Robert Hardy at The Longbow Shop
  1. Naila Caruso says:

    At your event will Mr. Hardy be signing any copies of his book, which your shop could perhaps offer for sale in the US? I have NEVER noticed any of our local(North American) SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) vendors ever offering any of his signed (or unsigned come to think of it) copies of his longbow archery book. Neither I or any of my (now getting elderly female) friends anticipate we will ever hit a barn door at 10 feet with our bows. SCA fighters are and have always been an almost exclusively guy thing. But his excellent research caught my interest some time back-especially after they dug up the Mary Rose-both as a botanist (30 years for USDA) and as a hobby historian. I recently got a reissued Blue Ray of his Edward 7th and this re release included his interview showing him in action and polishing up what I assume was a taxus non-recurved. He also mentioned some his association with Tolkien. Our early SCA was almost 100 % Tolkien overlay in the 70-80’s. So this triggered my interest on two fronts.
    If he dislikes doing such signings, please do not bother him on this front. But please do pass on that he has been held in high regard both for his BBC work and his research capabilities. And if it seems appropriate, do ask if he ever did cast a professional look over the props that New Line made, it should be more than interesting to have him give his outlook on their work. My regards, -Naila Caruso Blacklick, Ohio

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