Vegas champion stripped of crown after positive doping test

Bob Eyler

The winner of the 2018 Vegas shoot shootdown, Bob Eyler, tested positive for cannabis and beta blockers at the event and after a lengthy investigation and arbitration procedure, has been banned from the sport for two years by the US Anti-Doping Agency and the NFAA.

It is understood that the archer was unfamiliar with the rules that the substances he tested positive for were necessarily banned in competition.

Canada’s Chris Perkins, the ‘Lucky Dog’ who made the final after winning the secondary competition for archers who had shot 899 over the three days, has been named 2018 Vegas Shoot Champion following Eyler’s disqualification. As well as collecting the $52,000 grand prize, he becomes the second person in history to win the competition from the ‘Lucky Dog’ position after Sergio Pagni did it in 2016.

World Archery secretary-general Tom Dielen said: “Discovering instances of doping is never a nice thing, however the professional manner in which this case has been handled by the NFAA and US Anti-Doping Agency should be praised.”

“Looking past the specifics of this case, it should serve as a reminder that all athletes participating in elite sport should ensure they understand the rules around anti-doping.”

The Vegas Shoot is the largest indoor archery tournament in the world, attracting over 3500 archers and distributing a total prize fund in excess of $400,000.

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