NFAS: 3D Championships 2022

A sold-out return to the woods. By Alex Tyler Two weeks. That was all the time it took for all four hundred places for the 2022 National Field Archery Society (NFAS) 3D Championships to fill up. There had been a

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The Greatest Archery Movies: Ever

The definitive list of the best archery films ever made. By Bow‘s resident film correspondent Rick Flick. It’s harder to classify an ‘archery movie’, than it is to classify, say, a ‘submarine movie’. It’s something woven very differently into different

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Flight Archery: Forever

Bow investigates the extraordinary world of flight archery, the art of shooting an arrow as far as possible. I’m on an airfield. East Leeds Airport, the former RAF Church Fenton, and one of just a tiny handful of places in

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Best-Looking Risers: Ever

Bow’s resident aesthete Guillaume Bayeuse pontificates on his all-time favourites. ^ SPIGARELLI REVOLUTION / REV2An Italian masterpiece. Ignore the carping from the loggionisti about ‘skis with scoliosis’, this is one of Sante’s finest achievements as a creator. The modernist lines

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COVID-19: What now for archery?

Bow looks at the effects of the pandemic on the sport. One of the more durable cliches in the media over the past three months has been stating that we are living in ‘unprecedented times’. It may be a cliche,

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Tokyo 2020 is dead. Long live Tokyo 2021.

“The one thing that brings the world together is the Olympics.” said two-time archery Olympian, and three-time Olympic medalist Brady Ellison, of the USA. “It just sucks all around no matter how you look at things. I really hope they

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Turning Pro: Recurve

In an earlier edition of Bow we looked at professional compound archery; a difficult, but not impossible goal to achieve with enough talent, practice and motivation. But what about recurve? Most full-time recurve archers are funded by a state Olympic

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Hit the right note

How one elite archer keeps things tidy. By Günter Kuhr. So you want to be good at this archery lark, right? You are making notes, yes? On every aspect of your training? If you aren’t, you may be missing a

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Vegas 2020

Mimi Landström went undercover for Bow in Sin City. As usual, it was a tournament of superlatives. The 2020 edition of the Vegas Shoot registered 3816 archers – getting ever closer to the elusive 4000 archers – with shooters travelling

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Hacking The Darkside: part 2

In Part 2 of a short series, Vanessa Lee details exactly what happens when a recurver takes up compound It had been about a week since my first shot with a compound bow and I knew I wanted to get

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