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Does arrow straightness really matter?

Everyone takes the importance of arrow straightness as a given – but is it possible to quantify? James Park and a group of fellow archers undertook a test to find out

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The joy of stumping!

It might not be the most common form of archery, but for Jim Kent it’s one of the purest. Here, he explains the allure of stumping, and how to go about trying it for yourself

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Take part in the world ranking shoots!

Ever dreamed about seeing how you stack up against the best in the world? You can, says Patrick Huston, as there are several world ranking shoots open to all archers

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How to cure your shooting hang-ups

“Freezing” or “hanging up” on the clicker are two names for the same problem; an inability to execute the shot properly. Andrew Smith looks at the causes and cures

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5 Top tips to keep archery practice exciting

Archery is the art of repetition, but long hours spent doing the same thing can get dull. Lucy O’Sullivan shares her top tips on keeping practice engaging

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Q&A: How to warm up for archery

Looking for a good basic warm up routine to do before shooting? Patrick Huston reveals his top moves.

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Archery Technique: Leading from the front

Your front hand does far more than just hold the bow up, says Patrick Huston, it plays a pivotal role in your shot execution and follow-through.

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