Outdoor archery essentials

Some of the best current gear for field (and target too!) Zerofit base layer As recommended in Bow 151, these matt-finish base layers seem well suited to British weather. Available in six different unisex sizes – it’s possible the very

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Review: Facing The Sea

A light on an intriguing corner of the archery world. Here at Bow Towers, we were excited to receive a book that featured one of the least explored areas of study: maritime archery. The book is called Facing The Sea,

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The Ring Of Fire: crafting a mahogany bow

When Boo McAfee, founder of Kick Ash Bows, came across some unique wood, something very special had to happen. As the legend has it, in 1979 Johnny Cash became so concerned about the US placing restrictions on certain exotic woods

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Ask the experts – August 2021

Question: I’m currently shooting 27in 850 ACE’s with 60 grain points out of a 68in 35lb bow (I’ve just increased my poundage to assist aiming to get to 100 yards). I’m having an issue and I’m not sure where to

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World Archery: looking forward to Paris 2024 and beyond

Paris 2024 and beyond: the future for the international sport Tokyo gave us some new events and new technology, but now the Olympics is done, everyone in the archery world has one city on their minds: Paris. Bow caught up

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Interview: Marc Chavet

The voice of World Archery events speaks to Bow International. Anyone watching the Tokyo Olympic Games will have heard a highly distinctive ‘10!’ in the background, every one of them called in the arena by Marc Chavet, a genial French-American

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GBR Olympic archery team – what’s on your bow?

James Woodgate Riser: Wiawis ATF-X. “It’s a good, solid, all-round riser I feel I can trust. I love the limb alignment adjustability – much better than shims.” Limbs: Wiawis MXT-10s in long; 42lb, drawing 47lb on the fingers. Sight: Axcel

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Archery clothing – looking back at London 2012

Specialist archery clothing? Bow looks at an almost brilliant idea from London 2012 It’s a curious fact that while archery bows and bow accessories have continually improved in myriad ways for decades – even if a lot of improvements in

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Tec-HRO Recurvetrainer review

Arne Metzlaff takes a look at a new implementation of the indoor trainer In the second lockdown, German company TEC-HRO launched the beta version of their training device, designed to allow normal shooting without having to shoot an arrow into

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Mybo’s 2021 Revolution compound bow put to the test

Duncan Busby tests out an innovative compound bow. Merlin Archery has a unique place in our sport’s history. For nearly 50 years, it has been championing, developing and manufacturing compound bows, taking the discipline from relative obscurity to one of

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