KTA Diary: Competing in Korea

Kristina Dolgilevica’s KTA adventures continue I returned to Korea to put my skills to the test in competition. Here, I finally achieved my goal of representing my club and Seoul city on Korean soil, impressed with my shooting form, led

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Seoul Calling

Kristina Dolgilevica continues her Korean trad adventures at the second European KTA meeting The end of May is now synonymous with Istanbul’s Conquest Cup and this year many of the Ottoman style enthusiasts gathered for its 10th international anniversary event.

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KTA: Past, Present and Future

In the final chapter in a short series on Korean traditional archery, Kristina Dolgilevica looks at how KTA has developed across the centuries. In this concluding article I will try to bring all aspects I have investigated so far and

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KTA: The Bow

The ‘strongest’ bow in the world? Kristina Dolgilevica investigates. The Korean gakgung literally translates as ‘horn bow’. In comparison to its other traditional counterparts, it is considered to be the most advanced bow in terms of its engineering. A horn

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KTA: An introduction

Kristina Dolgilevica took a second trip to Korea to learn traditional archery, and gave us a taste. Korean traditional archery (KTA), much like Japanese kyudo, descends from both martial and ceremonial practices. Thanks to various Imperial campaigns to preserve archery

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