Traditional bowmaking in the UK – learning the trade

In the second of a two-part series, Rob Jones looks at traditional bowmaking in the UK When I started looking into the home-grown talent of British bowmaking, I quickly found that I was only scratching the surface of the wealth of

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Seoul Calling

Kristina Dolgilevica continues her Korean trad adventures at the second European KTA meeting The end of May is now synonymous with Istanbul’s Conquest Cup and this year many of the Ottoman style enthusiasts gathered for its 10th international anniversary event.

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KTA: The Bow

The ‘strongest’ bow in the world? Kristina Dolgilevica investigates. The Korean gakgung literally translates as ‘horn bow’. In comparison to its other traditional counterparts, it is considered to be the most advanced bow in terms of its engineering. A horn

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SPONSORED: Shoot with confidence using the AAE TRAD vane

AAE teamed up with accomplished outdoorsman and traditional archer Aron Snyder to create the first ever traditional archery vane that can be shot off the shelf

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Shooting strengtheners: Custom workout routine for archers

Personal trainer Lucy O’Sullivan explains how being fit can aid your archery, and outlines the basics of a gym routine that can help supplement your shooting

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Basic reminders to help your shot

Andrew Smith looks at the five of the most common shooting errors, which, if addressed, will make it easier for you to repeat the same shot routine each time.

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A Kind of Magic

Merlin Archery‘s Grizzly Jim explains the lure of instinctive archery  As far back as I can remember I’ve always had a bow in my hand of some description, whether I was running around the farm with just a primitive selfbow that

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A Sense of High Adventure

Nils Visser follows his curiosity to meet the maker of the Rebel bow   One of the boons of conducting historical research is running across ‘archery nuggets’: wee insights into behaviour that typify an archer and is therefore immediately recognisable

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