Setting up the Easton RX-7 arrow

Sponsored by… Easton’s RX-7 arrow shafts are proving to be one of the most popular and accurate new indoor arrows in history-both recurve and compound shooters love the RX-7 and are seeing great results, because it allows using the biggest

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Roll out the barrel

Hugh Soar looks back over the history of the barrelled arrow Of the five arrow profiles recovered from the Tudor warship Mary Rose, two are of particular note; those that taper from a thicker centre to both head and string

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Ask The Experts

Q: I’m struggling to use a finger tab – every time I shoot with one my arrows go everywhere but the target. Any advice on what to use or what to do?   A: This question is a little complicated to answer

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Make sure it fits!

Since I looked at the effect of nock fit on group sizes by shooting arrows fitted with worn nocks through the Hooter Shooter, then comparing the groups to those shot by arrows with new nocks, I’ve been using a tool

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