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Our panel of expects from around the world answer your questions on every aspect of shooting technique, phycology and equipment.   Question: How do I know when to change my nocks?   Adrian Tippins says: The obvious answer is to change

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Vegas 2019

Once again, The Vegas Shoot surpassed itself, and the largest festival of archery ever held passed off with superlatives bursting everywhere. It hasn’t always been this way. From small beginnings in the 1960s, with occasional indoor archery competitions held in

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Bow proposes: a radical audience-grabbing idea!

Occasionally here at Bow International, we like to do a bit of blue sky thinking about the future of the sport… There has been speculation for many years about how archery could develop new formats, usually with the goal of

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16 Indoor Season Tips

Nicola Turner has 16 ways to wake up your indoor game The indoor season is sometimes seen as the poorer relation of the outdoor season when it comes to archery, for multiple reasons: there isn’t any Olympic glory to be

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Indoor season bows

At the recent Roma Archery Trophy, we spoke to four elite archers to find out what they were swinging this season. (Click each image to expand).  

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Poundage: how heavy does a recurve bow need to be?

One of the most common questions that people unfamiliar with archery ask is along the lines of: “Don’t you have to be really strong to do it?”. The pretty-much-universal advice is to start shooting at a low bow weight, and

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Winter Maintenance

By Duncan Busby and Crystal Gauvin.  The New Year is a time for resolutions, but when it comes to archery the winter season can make even the most passionate of archers lose interest. Between the cold weather – and gluttony

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Changing the Sport? New Style Clubs

For as long as anyone can remember, archery has been based around clubs; and they remain the cauldron of most people’s archery experience, barring the usual first-try suspects of summer camps and fairgrounds. Archery clubs vary wildly across the UK

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All the gear…

Club archery has a problem. By Chris Wells Shooting a bow effectively requires the knowledge of the movements required and the muscle memory and physical fitness to deliver those movements identically each time. It’s easy to learn bad habits and

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Archery Holidays

With the winter clouds rolling in, beat the blues with these holiday ideas for 2019 catered for the archer who can’t bear to leave their bow behind. Heather Flint has it covered. Chianti 3D Chianti 3D Archery is part of

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