Fitness: is it really that important?

By Lucy O’Sullivan Last month Bow received a question for the Ask The Experts section which said this: “We are often told that overall fitness is crucial to archery, yet I have to say I look at a lot of

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How to get stronger and fitter at home

Not quite ready to venture out of your winter cocoon and take on the gym? Lucy O’Sullivan says you can still improve your archery

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Shooting strengtheners: Custom workout routine for archers

Personal trainer Lucy O’Sullivan explains how being fit can aid your archery, and outlines the basics of a gym routine that can help supplement your shooting

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Interview: Braden Gellenthien’s 2017

We spoke to Team USA regular Braden Gellenthien at the beginning of year, and got his predictions on how he thought things were going to turn out. We caught up with him at the end of it to find out if his feelings had been right

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Fitness Fix for Archers

With many new year resolutions revolving around getting fitter, Duncan Busby looks at how to improve your overall fitness in ways that will benefit your archery

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