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5 Top tips to keep archery practice exciting

Archery is the art of repetition, but long hours spent doing the same thing can get dull. Lucy O’Sullivan shares her top tips on keeping practice engaging

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What your target face says about your technique

Learn how to read your target face and it could help to improve your score, James Park explains what to look for…

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How to build an arrow part 3: Wraps

The third instalment in his series on building the perfect set of arrows, Adrian Tippins looks at wraps, and explains how to get the right type, size and application

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Para Potential Programme

Archery GB has announced it is taking part in the ‘Discover Your Gold’ initiative, which has been launched by UK Sport and the English Institute of Sport. It’s a multi-sport talent identification programme designed to identity sporting potential in 15-24

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Invictus Victories

Great Britain collected seven medals from the 2016 Invictus Games – a multi-sport event launched in 2014 by Prince Harry for injured combat veterans from around the world, held this year in Florida, USA – including four golds. Gareth Patterson took

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Volunteer Awards

The recent Archery GB AGM wasn’t just about voting on changes and electing boards, it’s also where the governing body hands out awards to honour the amazing service volunteers do for archery. The gold plaquette went to Sue Williamson, who

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Archery AGM

The Archery GB Annual General Meeting was held on 16 April at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre in Buckinghamshire, and attracted 130 people. Several changes were voted on at the event, which included: raising the senior member’s fee to £42

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Rule Changes

Several changes to the Archery GB Rules of Shooting came into effect on 1 April 2016. The changes include an allowance for “other” metric rounds to be shot in three or six arrow ends; allowing the use of timing control

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Big Weekend preparations

The Archery GB Big Weekend – the annual event in which clubs across the country run have-a-go archery sessions for their local community – has been announced for 3-5 June. This falls just after the European Championships held in Nottingham and in the

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Norfolk Training Centre Open

Archery GB has opened a new training centre in Norfolk. Leading the centre will be coach Chris Latimer, and Archery GB has stated the centre’s aims are to act as a ‘focal point’ in developing best practice and talent development, and supporting archery

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