Skill swap

Members of the GB men’s senior gymnastics squad, including Olympians Kristian Thomas, Sam Oldham, Max Whitlock and Dan Purvis, went to Lilleshall to try their hand at archery. Dan Purvis commented, “I’ve never tried archery before apart from on the Wii, but I found it really fun. I can certainly relate to the control side of things in terms of controlling the speed and power and how pressure can affect your performance when competing in high profile competitions.”

Dan Keating said, “I didn’t realise how fun archery was going to be, it was great to have a competition with the other gymnasts. There are definitely skills such as composure and upper body and more importantly core strength that both gymnasts and archers share in both sports.”


Kristian Thomas also appeared to have enjoyed the new challenge, and was quoted saying, “It’s good fun. It’s nice to try something new and get out of the gym. The sports share the same skills in terms of having to keep cool when competing and not using up your adrenaline.”

It might be that the archers involved in teaching the gymnasts are preparing for a lesson in gymnastics in exchange – watch this space.

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