The Bow Christmas gift guide

Whether you know a hard-to-buy-for archer, or you are one, you’re sure to find something to suit in our seasonal gift guide. 

We’ve divided it into four categories: Under £15, Under £50, Under £150 and Blow The Budget. Enjoy!

Under £15

Easton Pro Hex metric / imperial hex set

A handy set of metric and imperial hex keys (often known as Allen keys) is an essential part of any archery kit and a spare set never goes amiss, either. Is this the only sport in the world where people have to regularly mix the two systems? Probably. 

The Archery Shop

Beiter Deburring Tool

For the arrowmaker who has everything, the Beiter deburring tool is spot-on for cleaning up the end of the shaft before you fit the points. It removes any burrs from where the shaft has been cut.

Around £8
Clickers Archery

Cable knit bobble hat

Hats and scarves and general keep-you-warm gear is usually an excellent idea for any archers in the Northern hemisphere. These corkscrew cable knitted bobble ones from Amazon, available in a wide variety of colours, do the job at a very reasonable price.

from Amazon

Under £50

Draw Length Arrow

Vital for checking your own draw length, and other people’s, this is a tool that will last you your whole archery life. Safer and simpler than trying to use an arrow to do it. 

Around £10

Legend Release Pouch

The XT520 pouch from Legend Archery is a cool little bag with a belt loop, soft tricot lining (as found in eyewear cases), drawstring, zipped pocket and an inside partition. Comes in eight colours to match any set up.

Around £9.50
Legend Archery

Artebo ‘Keep Warm’ Arm Sleeve

New for the outdoor-season: these sleeves are made in a high thermal fabric, showing an ultra-soft brushed microfiber backing. They keep your muscles warm and are a useful companion during a long competition day in grim weather. They are small and can be handily stored away in your bow-case, making an ideal complement to your standard winter gear.

Around £9.90

Arrow Inspector 

The Arrow Inspector will check, with precise accuracy, arrow shaft straightness, nock alignment and vane and feather balance. Simple but effective tool to check if your arrows are out of line. 

Around £35
Pine Ridge Archery

Archery T-shirt

Etsy is an online marketplace for all kinds of custom things, and there is plenty of archery themed stuff on there, ranging from the great to the cheesy. It kind of depends on your tolerance for scrolling through search results. This rather cool one is available through UltimateGiftsShop.

Around £24 with delivery

Inside The Archer

This is the third edition of the widely praised book by Tyler Benner and Kisik Lee, in which the USA coach expounds his philsophy on form. Highly recommended for serious archers.(Read Emma Davis and Tom Hall’s review of it on page 52). They also sell a bundle with this and their well-known Shot Trainer.

Around £40
Astra Archery

Bow International subscription

May we humbly suggest? A subscription to Bow International instantly makes you more attractive, smarter, and adds 25 points onto your score – guaranteed*. Better still, buy a subscription for a friend. Check the website for lots of fantastic offers on for Christmas.(*not actually guaranteed).

From £25 a year
Future Publishing

Under £80

Egertec Christmas novelty bulk pack 

These entertaining target faces from Egertec will brighten up any Christmas shoot and can of course make multiple presents. They come on 250gsm tear resistant paper and measure 70cm x 50cm each. You get ten target faces per pack, along with 50 free Egertec face pins.

£24 including delivery

Legend Archery Recurve Backpack 

The XT720 backpack for recurve bows will accept risers up to 27″. It has the usual thick padding to protect the bow and accessories, includes a telescopic arrow tube, multiple pockets, and thick padded shoulder straps at a highly reasonable price. Comes in eight colours. 

Legend Archery

Bignami side bar

Compound side bar for mounting a lateral rod to be fixed behind the central stabiliser or on the rear bushing of the riser. Manufactured in sexy 6061 CNC machined aluminium with satin black anodised finish, it also has a quick release system.   

Around £45

Hoyt Rolling Duffel Bag

The perfect thing for an indoor tournament. 32 inches long, it’s got wheels, can stand vertically or horizontally as pictured, and has an extra-deep side pocket perfect for boots or other similar items. (We’re giving one away on page 60, too!)


Galaxy Crescent 25” Recurve Riser

Perfect for beginners and intermediates, the Galaxy Crescent is a lightweight 25” ILF riser made of magnesium and weighing under a kilo. Includes the usual bushings and attachment holes for all of your favourite sticks. Available in black, blue, green, purple, red and white.


Jager Archery JD3 (John Demmer III) Grip

Designed with the top USA barebow archer, this grip design is medium wrist height, narrow and square shouldered. The shelf-side edge of the grip is raised to provide a distinct reference for hand placement.  It is available in left and right hand for Hoyt, Gillo, Spigarelli, and Win & Win compatible risers.

Around £60 with shipping
Jager Archery Products

Under £150

X Sight Glasses – All Seasons Set

Designed specifically for archers to eliminate obstruction during your aim, minimise eye fatigue and protect your eyes from the elements. Featuring a range of lenses to enhance the ambient surroundings and help with your aim whether you are shooting indoors, outdoors or field.


SRT 3D “Family Pack”

They describe this as ‘the perfect family gift’, and they’re probably right, dammit. Their ‘Piccolini’ is certainly charming; funny to shoot at short distances and a challenge for adult archers. High tech foam stops the arrows and keeps things easy to pull. IFAA approved. 

Around £90

Aurora Techno compound bow case

We review the recurve model of this in this very issue. This is a compound bow bag with generous dimensions suitable for any model. Equipped with two large pockets, the upper one is divided into three compartments. Inside there are accessory pockets and four practical straps for locking the bow. Supplied with padded shoulder strap. In six colour combos. 

Around £90

Bohning Multi Fletcher

An impressive tool with a stainless steel base. The snap-lock plate ensures superior adhesion force & consistent angles. Comes standard with 3 & 4 fletch capability, & 7 clamp inserts to fletch 3° right or left, 2° right or left for feathers, 1° right or left, and straight. Accommodates all arrow diameters.

Merlin Archery

Traditional Archery from Six Continents

If you can find a copy (and they are out of print, but available) this is one of the most fascinating and beautiful books ever published about historical archery gear. You won’t go wrong here if someone unwraps this on Christmas morning.

Available online worldwide

Blow the budget!

PSE Perform X

A target monster, this is a shoot-through riser that will lift your game up to the next level. Available in a draw length range: 26-1/2″ to 32″ at 50 or 60 lbs, in 11 sparkling colours, this is well worth putting on your list if Santa is very generous indeed.

From £1500
Lancaster Archery

TopHat Tungsten Points

As used by Lisa Unruh and other top archers, these come in break-off weights up to 150 grains, and will run you around 25 euros per arrow. The tungsten point gives extra strength and durability, and is manufactured to incredibly high tolerances on lathes normally used for dental equipment. If you really want the very best points, look no further. 

Around £300 for a set of 12 including delivery

Axcel Achieve XP

The battle between Axcel and Shibuya for archery sights is a little like the battle between Canon and Nikon with high-end cameras; keeping companies innovating and ultimately good for the consumer. Axcel’s latest and greatest has become the choice of many of the world’s top elite. This is their recurve model; not cheap, but brimming with innovative features and beautifully machined. A Christmas present to dream about. 

Around £400
Axcel Archery

VLBB quiver

VLBB are based in Hungary and manufacture all kinds of high quality archery leatherwork to order, for archers that demand the very best. Their field quiver design has a secret pocket & multiple options for leather, closures, and personalisation. There’s no belt included, but they can make you one of those too. 

Around £180 with delivery

WIAWIS CX7 riser 

As reviewed in issue 133, this impressive intermediate ILF effort from Win & Win looks great and gives excellent feedback to the shot. With “randomised direction” carbon composite and exceptional finishing, it will brighten up your Christmas, that’s for sure as mustard. 

Win & Win

2020 Xceed Grand Prix 25″ riser

Hoyt claim a number of improvements to their flagship ILF riser including a three-point adjustable pocket technology which allows you to adjust without changing your tune, as well as a range of weights aimed at barebow archers. Their latest model has received excellent notices. It’s a lot of money – will you get on board? See our review in Issue 138!

£770 and up

Akusta Fotron carbon/foam limbs

One of the more highly regarded new Asian manufacturers, the Fotron limbs have been making a minor splash recently. The have several limbs; the premium offering is the carbon/foam Fotron, containing both woven and unidirectional carbon. With aggressive graphics and bright colours, they will turn heads on the line. In the usual lengths and weights from 32# and up. 

Around £300
Akusta Archery

SRT Targets Dodo

What to get for the 3D archer who has everything, and who has shot everything? Something a little rarer, perhaps? This dodo will brighten up any course or back garden. (A glance at their website will show you that Italian company SRT have plenty of other interesting animals to set out too). 

From £230

AAE Hot Rodz Nitrous Long Rod

Available at 27″, 30″ and 33″, the Nitrous is, they claim, the ‘Ultimate tournament bar’, stiffer and more forgiving than anything else available and with internal dampening too. In a competitive market, they look just a little more special than the rest.

Around £260 for a 33″ rod.
Available from Alternative Sporting Service

TruBall GOAT release

Designed for Reo Wilde, the GOAT remains *the* premium release currently on the market, machined from aluminium and brass and adjustable from trigger to hinge and for either three or four fingers. (Comes in two sizes, so check what your archer needs first. You are buying this for someone else, right? Just checking.)

Around £300

AAE Hot Rodz Nitrous Long Rod

Available at 27″, 30″ and 33″, the Nitrous is, they claim, the ‘Ultimate tournament bar’, stiffer and more forgiving than anything else available and with internal dampening too. In a competitive market, they look just a little more special than the rest.

Around £260 for a 33″ rod. 
Available from Alternative Sporting Services

Gillo G1 Bronze Dragon Head

Winter is coming! For the steampunk barebower who has literally everything; sculpted by Italian artist Salvatore Gagliano, this limited edition barebow cover is casted in bronze and fits the Gillo G1, G2 and GQ-25 series risers. 580g of fire-breathing terror. Should be on a heavy metal album cover.

Around £300
Available from Alternative Sporting Services

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