The Danage PowerStop

The already hugely popular Danage PowerStop has been re-designed, and I have had the chance of trying it out. The new PowerStop uses a new material with more layers, all of which are extremely flexible, which has greatly improved the stopping effect it has.

01_DSC_0475The new design is available in three different sizes, type A, 120 x 120 cm for the large tournament targets, and the type C, 80 x 80 cm for personal use or field targets. There’s also the small type D, 60 x 60 cm which is extremely lightweight and portable, which you can use at home or take with you in your bow case.

In the past few years we have seen a dramatic development in bows and arrows, making stopping the arrows effectively more difficult than ever before. Rain can make this task of stopping the arrows even more challenging as it acts as a lubricant to the arrow and allows the arrow to pass through the foam even deeper. This new PowerStop from Danage is a great way to overcome all of these issues.

When the Danage foam is combined with the new PowerStop I’ve found that it makes the ultimate stopping tool for compounds, whilst still being gentle on the arrows. The target takes a lot of the kinetic energy out of the arrow, slowing it right down, then the PowerStop works to bring the arrow to a total stop due to its high flexibility.

01_DSC_0518From my experience, for indoor shooting where rain is not an issue I would recommend the Danage HD foam (thickness 14.5 cm) as this is relatively easy to pull aluminium arrows out of, and using a PowerStop will extend the lifetime of the foam. For outdoors I would recommend the Danage XHD (thickness 24.5 cm) or new 32cm core (X-XHD foam).

In addition to the PowerStop being a new and improved material, the method by which it is attached to the target has also been improved. The PowerStop now uses a hanging bracket system, which suspends it away from the back of the foam and will prevent arrows passing through it.

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