Arrows: how to minimise drag and maximise lift

Dr James Park tackles a common arrow misconception  An arrow’s centre of mass (CoM) is its balance point. Usually this will be forward of the centre of the shaft, due to the point being a significant portion of the arrow’s

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The essence of accuracy

A lesson on achieving higher accuracy – for those just starting. With Roy Rose The obvious objective of an archer, of any discipline, is consistent accuracy. This goal is no secret. What is required is repetitive duplication. If it was

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How to build accurate arrows – part 2

This article is sponsored by Last Chance Archery The most crucial step is to use the right tools. Archery is two-sided, there’s the skill of shooting your bow, of course, and there’s the art of tuning your equipment. Without equipment

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Q&A: Should I shoot with both eyes open?

Roy Rose discusses eye focus and whether you should be shooting with both eyes open

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Hard work beats talent …

… when talent doesn’t work hard. Roy Rose outlines why the most important thing you need to get good at archery isn’t a natural knack for it To attain elite status in any sporting endeavour, you must combine a degree

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Back to the draw board

James Park explains how he uses a draw board to look at the path the nocking point takes during the draw, which can be critical to sustained accuracy

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