Archery: Next steps – and getting inspired

Part 5 of Bow’s getting started in archery week, sponsored by JVD Archery and Easton Archery. “Life is like an arrow, the farther back you’re pulled, the farther forward you will end up.” So you’ve learned to hit a target,

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Practise with purpose

While practice might not make perfect, it should at least make you better. Coach Larry Wise explains how to structure a practice session to achieve just that

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Inside Aim4Sport: The one-stop shop and training centre

When Dave Leader and Gaynor Hutchison took over Aim4Sport, they decided to build on their love for coaching and create a combined retail and training centre

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Advice from an archery coach

What a coach sees… Alistair Whittingham reveals the most common technique issues he encounters in his capacity as a coach

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Adapting Your Approach

Whether you’re shooting with a disability or coaching someone with one, there are several important things to be aware of says Danielle Brown Governments and sporting bodies have tried to categorise disability the world over, but due to the complex nature

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New indoor training facility open

A new indoor archery training facility has opened in Bedfordshire. Aim4Sport has opened up an indoor coaching range after hearing about the problems that can hold up indoor sessions. Dave Leader and Gaynor Hutchison, owners of Aim4Sport, explained, “Looking at

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The Top Three

Experienced international shot and coach John Dudley reveals the three most common questions he’s asked – and the answers   It is the perfect time for you to set yourself up for a fresh start to an incredible season. I

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Ask The Experts

Q: Given that archery is such an individual sport a lot of the time, how important is a coach in reaching the higher levels? A: There have been a number of international competitors who have been self-educated, drawing information from other archers,

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Rikki Bingham joins Archery GB coaching team

Compound archer Rikki Bingham has joined the Archery GB coaching staff. Her role will see her specialise in developing compound archers among the para-archery squad, and she will join Mike Peart in specialising in para-archery coaching at Lilleshall Sports Centre.

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What breeds success indoors?

There’s plenty of crossover between archers who shoot well indoors and those who shoot well out of doors – but look down the results sheet, and you’ll notice that some names you see around the middle of leaderboards in the

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