Lucy O’Sullivan

Fitness: is it really that important?

By Lucy O’Sullivan Last month Bow received a question for the Ask The Experts section which said this: “We are often told that overall fitness is crucial to archery, yet I have to say I look at a lot of

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Back in the groove

This time, Lucy O’ Sullivan focuses on developing a strong back for archery. Did you know that if you strengthen your back muscles not only will you improve your posture and reduce lower back pain, but you will certainly improve your

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How to overcome ‘wrong’ eye dominance

Left-eye dominant but right-handed, Lucy O’Sullivan has spent a fair amount of time working to overcome the problems that presents. Here, she shares some of the tips and tricks she’s learned

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How the World Archery Excellence Centre lives up to it’s name

What goes into making the ultimate archery facility? Lucy O’Sullivan visits the World Archery Excellence Centre, and discovers the features that make it a dream destination

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