Arrows: what you need to know

Adrian Tippins lifts the lid on what you – and your juniors – need to know about basic arrow literacy. I’ve always thought that the hardest thing for novice archers is attempting to understand and navigate the technical minefield that

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Ask the experts

Our expert panel answers your questions, so if you have one send it to Bow’s Editor Q: I note you can achieve the UK classifications (such as Master Bowman) shooting either metric or imperial distances. Both are available to

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Arrows in the Middle Ages

Continuing on in a history of arrows, Jan H Sachers takes us from the rise of the knights to the sinking of the Mary Rose With the advent of the knight in the 11th century, the social elite fought with

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Ask the experts!

Our panel of expects from around the world answer your questions on every aspect of shooting technique, phycology and equipment.   Question: How do I know when to change my nocks?   Adrian Tippins says: The obvious answer is to change

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How to know if your nocks fit

Expert, Adrian Tippins, reveals show to know if your nocks fit correctly, an area often overlooked in archery…

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How to build an arrow part 2: Points and pins

In the second part of his series on arrow-building, Adrian Tippins looks at getting good bonds when it comes to inserting points and pins

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Smooth Release Pin Nock

Bohning Archery has introduced a new style of pin nock.  The Smooth Release Pin Nock has shorter ears and a smoother throat to allow for a quick, clean release from the string. It was developed at the same time as

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Nock on or nock out?

Liam Grimwood explains how your choice of nock can have a bigger effect on your scores than you might think Choosing a good nock for your arrows is something many archers overlook. Archers pour hours of their time into choosing

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