Tokyo 2020: Thursday eliminations

It’s still too damn hot. For anyone. Or anything. Super Thursday perhaps brought less in the way of shocks, and even in the humidity, everyone’s bow stayed in one piece. The biggest story of the day was Oh Jin Hyek,

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Tokyo 2020: men’s team

It’s early morning, and the opening men’s session gets underway, a little subdued. The USA are taking on France. After a dull warm-up of a first set, both sides are getting moving when Jean-Charles Valladont posts a six. Quizzical looks

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Tokyo 2020 is dead. Long live Tokyo 2021.

“The one thing that brings the world together is the Olympics.” said two-time archery Olympian, and three-time Olympic medalist Brady Ellison, of the USA. “It just sucks all around no matter how you look at things. I really hope they

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